NFL Trade Rumors: Cleveland Browns Could Pursue Kirk Cousins

By Connor Muldowney
Kirk Cousins
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It looks like the Cleveland Browns will be searching for a new quarterback for the 2014 season after a mediocre 2013 season in which Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden combined for mediocrity. However, Brian Hoyer may be kept on as a backup or a possible competition for starter. That being said, the Browns will be looking for teams who have a starting QB in place and have no problem dealing a solid backup.

That’s where Kirk Cousins comes into play. The fourth-round selection from the 2012 NFL Draft has been widely considered one of the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL behind the first-round choice of the Washington Redskins in 2012, Robert Griffin III.

Could Cousins be the answer for the Browns and what are the chances he lands in Cleveland?

Take a look at the new coaching staff in Cleveland and you will see a familiar face. Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Redskins, but was fired along with the whole coaching staff this offseason. Today he was hired as the Browns offensive coordinator.

What does this mean? Well, he was there when Cousins was the backup to Griffin III and always spoke highly of the backup quarterback — many would even say that he could start on half of the teams in the NFL.

Cleveland might spend a top pick on a quarterback, but why not save that and use it on a different need and get an elite player that way. Cousins could fill the quarterback void and he’s had a few NFL starts under his belt. With enough playing time and a shot to succeed with a great receiver and tight end, Cousins could bring this team to the playoffs if Shanahan gets his way.

This will be an interesting development to follow.

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