Richard Sherman Interview Reveals Why Denver Broncos Struggled

By Tylor Walden
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the Denver Broncos lost the way they did was a bitter pill to swallow, especially since it was on the big stage. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman shed some light on the Broncos’ offensive struggles.

In an interview, Sherman revealed that the Seahawks were able to read Peyton Manning‘s hand signals and were able to jump the different passing routes that the Broncos had set up for Super Bowl XLVIII. He goes on to say that they played situational football and looked at what routes the Broncos liked to play on different downs and a lot of the hand signals.

This explains quite a bit on why the Seahawks were able to exploit the Broncos’ receivers and had a sense of where the ball was going to be. Every time Manning would throw the ball, it seemed that the secondary of Seattle was right there to either deflect the pass away or to knock the receivers off their feet as soon as the touched the ball. Even with the screens, the Seahawks’ defense was able to execute and sniff it out and even got to the ball carrier. Sherman stated that Manning, while he is a great quarterback, he has the tendencies to lead you to the ball.

Sherman did indicate, however, that had Manning done double moves, the Seahawks would not have been ready for it and would have been exposed. Perhaps the Broncos’ offense should have taken that into consideration. With Sherman’s interview in mind, it surprises me that, if they were able to read what the Broncos would do, they did not change up the play calling. Why not fix things up and change the strategy a bit?

The interview reveals one of the key reasons behind the Broncos’ struggles in the Super Bowl. Perhaps this is the big reason the Broncos lost the way that they did. An opponent that knows what you are going to run before the play is executed is going to be successful nearly 100 percent of the time.

Maybe the next time these two teams face in the 2014 season in Seattle, the Broncos will have some different looks with the pre-snap signals.

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