Seattle Seahawks Have Potential To Be A Dynasty

By Sam Horn
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are the undisputed kings of the NFL. Their dominance exhibited this past Sunday in the Super Bowl justified that notion. They weren’t just dominant on the defensive side of the ball, they also excelled in the special teams department and on offense. Being that the Seahawks are one of the youngest teams to ever win the Super Bowl forces NFL analysts to ponder Seattle’s chances of making it to the Promised Land next year.

It’s easy to say the Seahawks will repeat as NFL champions. After looking back on the 2013 season, there really wasn’t a team that could match the Seahawks in every phase of the game. The Seahawks are perched on the highest branch of the NFL tree and no one can touch them.

Going into the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos achieved success with the football offensively. The team broke so many records that it makes the head spin. They were the real deal in the regular season. Peyton Manning was looking like an unstoppable machine; he was a juggernaut.

Even though the Broncos scored 606 points during the regular season, they were only able to put eight points on the scoreboard against the Seahawks this past Sunday. Manning was flustered in the pocket on nearly every throw, and the Seahawks’ defense was making it look easy. They were harassing one of the best quarterbacks to ever step foot onto a football field.

This Seahawks team has the potential to be a dynasty. They are still so young, with the average age being about 26. This means that the team’s nucleus will probably be thriving for at least five more years. The Seahawks’ front office will need to re-sign their defensive and offensive playmakers if they want to compete for another Super Bowl ring. The sky seems to be the limit for the NFL monarchs.

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