Super Bowl 2014: Were The Seattle Seahawks That Good or Were The Denver Broncos That Bad?

By kennethbrown
Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks were supposed to deliver a defensive masterpiece, and they did. But what surprised everybody was their offensive power. Both sides of the Seattle team led to the Denver Broncos‘ devastating 43-8 defeat. With no Super Bowl experience on their roster many believed they’d be truly overwhelmed, but if anything Denver appeared overwhelmed and unable to rise to occasion. With such a dramatic difference between the teams, the question everybody is asking is “Were the Seahawks that good or were the Broncos that bad?

As cliche as it sounds, defense wins championships. It’s been proven many times, yet many still opted to pick the Broncos as Super Bowl favorites. Seattle was able to easily stop the Broncos while putting on an offensive super show of their own. The Seahawks were truly exceptional, but with Denver’s depth you can’t help but be disappointed at their poor showing. This wasn’t Peyton Manning‘s usual consistent performance, and it was sad to see after such a stunning season for the comeback superstar.

It’s easy to pick the Super Bowl apart and find reasons why it finished how it did. But first and foremost the Seahawks have been breathtaking this season, and they worked hard and truly earned their Super Bowl rings as individuals and a team. The Broncos can be blamed for their failure, but the Seahawks really were that good. The Broncos were below par, but quite frankly this was the Seahawk’s year. Any other NFL team would’ve found it nearly impossible to beat the Seahawks on that showing.

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