Watching Seattle Seahawks Hoist the Lombardi Trophy Should Motivate Baltimore Ravens In 2014

By Dan Abeshouse
John Harbaugh
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The 2013 season for the Baltimore Ravens was a disappointing followup to a Super Bowl winning campaign in 2012. The Ravens followed the blueprints from previous winners the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers of getting hot at the end of the season and carrying it through the playoffs. They also followed it up the same the next year by not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy again. By failing to make the playoffs at 8-8, the Ravens ensured there would wouldn’t be a repeat Super Bowl winner for now nine years in a row. The New England Patriots are the last team to accomplish that feat (2003 and 2004).

It wasn’t shocking or even upsetting that the Ravens failed to repeat in 2013. Not too many people expected that after losing a lot of players in 2013 like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin, Danelle Ellerbe and Bernard Pollard. The failed 2013 wasn’t very upsetting considering how the Ravens won in 2012. They were underdogs in their final three playoff games against the Denver Broncos, Patriots, and San Francisco 49ers. Two of those games were won in dramatic fashion, completing a most satisfying run. Personally, I believe the heartbreak of the 2010 (31-24 loss to Pittburgh Steelers) and 2011 seasons (23-20 loss to the Pats) made the 2012 all the more special. It’s easy to not care so much the following season.

This leads me to our thesis statement. Now that the Ravens and the fans have witnessed the Seattle Seahawks with the Lombardi it should provide any motivation that wasn’t prevalent last year. I can easily say that’s how I felt. I went from not really caring to being somewhat envious. As soon as it was over I said “I want that trophy back.” Hopefully that will be the mantra of next season.

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