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5 Ways Denver Broncos Fans Should Sulk After Super Bowl Loss

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5 Ways for Denver Broncos Fans to Sulk

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We had heard for two straight weeks about how this Super Bowl would be a matchup between the No. 1 offense and No. 1 defense in the NFL. The "Peyton Manning's legacy" headline was pounded into the brains of American people throughout the entire playoffs. We were told by the greatest corner in the league that Manning throws "ducks." And let's not forget the most annoying story of this Super Bowl season: the weather.

As it usually goes, there were a million different stories surrounding the biggest game in American sports. But at 6:25 p.m. ET, the stories were locked away and it became about a 60-minute game. This is where it all fell apart for Denver Broncos fans.

I have little theory: Broncos fans are shell-shocked by this loss because there were so many distractions leading up to kickoff. Of course it never occurred to fans something awful was about to unfold right in front of them.

Uncle Ben told his superhero of a nephew: "With great power comes great responsibility." Now I'm telling you: With great loss comes great sulking.

And there are a variety of ways to go about this of course. There is always locking yourself in a dark room and crying for hours on end, but that doesn't seem to accomplish much of anything.

Instead of dwelling on the loss and only making things more painful, perhaps it would be beneficial to try and recover from the devastation that is losing the biggest game on the planet. Here are some proactive ways to sulk in the wake of the Broncos' Super Bowl loss.

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5. Obnoxiously Flaunt the Fact that You're Still a Peyton Manning Fan

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I've spent half my life hearing this debate on SportsCenter. Some are saying this lopsided Super Bowl loss may have permanently taken Peyton Manning out of the discussion for the greatest quarterback of all time. Others hold tightly to his regular season success and Super Bowl ring.

He's Denver's Superman, obviously. So for all you Broncos fans, a great way to deal with a loss of any kind is by reverting to the very core of your strongest belief. In this case, that's Peyton Manning. Update your Facebook with something like, "Don't care what anyone says! Manning is THE greatest of ALL TIME."

Be sure to include some stats and a picture of you in his jersey.

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4. Remember How Much Your Super Bowl Ticket Cost You

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The average asking price for a Super Bowl ticket this year was $2,645.12, which was actually considered to be something of a bargain for the big game. Remembering how much money you spent on a ticket does two things.

One, it reminds you of the fact that you actually had that kind of money. And two, maybe it takes your mind to money problems instead of Super Bowl problems.

Just a suggestion.

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3. Crack Some Jokes About Clint Gresham Trying to Get Sexy

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What in the world is Clint Gresham trying to accomplish here? I chuckled when I saw this picture. I hope you did, too.

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2. Start Brainstorming Better Sign Ideas for Next Season

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No matter what you do, you'll never be able to top some of the signs found on ESPN's Saturday morning "College Gameday" show during the college football season.

But I'm asking for a little more effort from those who take the time to do this.

By the way, your sign says: "Cry me a Rivers."

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1. Find a New Favorite Team

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Fair weather fans are generally looked down on, but in this instance it seems appropriate. Heck, maybe you should defect to the team that actually won the Super Bowl.