A Washington Redskins Dreamsheet: Three Scenarios That Could Work

By Ricky Allen
Washington Redskins Free Agency, NFL Free Agency: The Washington Redskins have more than enough choices in the free agent market to make the 2014 season exciting.
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The Washington Redskins ended the NFL 2013 Season 3-13, but are looking at a great market of free agents this season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. After pondering over the list today, I’ve come up with four free agent scenarios that could shake up the world of the burgundy and gold while enhancing better chances at a successful 2014 NFL Season:

1. Trade Kirk Cousins

ESPN reported earlier this month that Cousins is open to being traded. Why not? He finished out the end of the 2013 season throwing for more than 800 yards and had four touchdowns. In 2012, he threw for 466 yards and had four touchdowns. If given the chance, Cousins can be a great breakout quarterback for a team in need of offensive leadership. His position as backup to Robert Griffin III, while a great insurance policy, holds him back from his true potential. Cousins is a good trading card.

And what do you get for Cousins? I would say some well-needed offensive lineman.

2. Keep Santana Moss

Moss is still useful. In 2013, he was one of the top three receivers on the team with 452 yards. He’s a familiar face, having put in nine years with the team. It would almost feel funny not calling Moss’ name at a Redskins game.

3. Grab New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib and Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick

I know what you’re thinking, “We have DeAngelo Hall.” I know, I’ve already been lectured about this idea. I like this guy and I think he would make a great Redskin. He has the speed and has a great look on receivers when put in a one-on-one situation. No, he’s not a top 10 cornerback, but would be a great support to the defense. At 6-1, he brings the height that Redskins fans always complain about.

When it comes to Vick, what is there to say? He will probably look for a starting position, but in all reality, he needs to go for a backup position with a team that will use him. Cousins proved his weight in gold, but is hungry for the starting position. Vick has been there, done that. I’m not going to say he’s in a downward spiral, but I think we all can agree it’s going to be hard for him to find work with so many young talented QBs in the NFL right now. Having Vick in a Redskins jersey gives RG3 someone that can relate to him when it comes to the attention, the excitement and the expectation the young quarterback has been dealing with the past two seasons. I’m sure Vick has some pointers he can pass along, and he can give RG3 a needed second half rest or fourth quarter cool down when needed.

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin.

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