New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Is Not A Jerk

By Justin Patrick
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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not a jerk. Belichick is just not overly outgoing in public.

Belichick does not self promote or take credit for wins and usually takes the blame for the losses. I know Belichick had his issues with Wes Welker, but Belichick appears to be a guy who players enjoy playing for.

He may be no-nonsense regarding football and he is usually blunt with the media, but why do people automatically assume Belichick is a jerk simply because he’s not especially talkative during press conferences? And don’t tell me it’s because of Spygate. People decided they didn’t like Belichick before Spygate. I know the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since Spygate, but they are a David Tyree circus catch after an amazing scramble by Eli Manning and a Welker drop and/or a great Mario Manningham sideline catch away from winning Super Bowls in 2007 and/or 2011. The Patriots have been in the last three AFC Championship games. Don’t tell me the Patriots only won because of spying.

It seems people who are not Patriots fans just enjoy disliking Belichick. Is it because he wins and everyone wants to knock down whoever is on top? There seems to be an almost irrational hatred of Belichick. What exactly has he done to anyone that has caused them harm?

People don’t care to look at Belichick the person.

Belichick launched the Bill Belichick Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was created to help provide coaching, mentoring and financial assistance to individuals, communities and organizations with a focus on football and lacrosse. What is Belichick’s mission for his foundation: To bring the values of his own family (he has three children who are all involved in sports) — a love of sports, coaching and team building to future athletic leaders.

This foundation is not the only example of Belichick being philanthropic. He has supported many causes throughout the years, including a scholarship fund created at Annapolis High School in 2003. Belichick grew up in Annapolis, MD, and this fund was established for students who have excelled or improved academically while taking part in athletics.

What about what Belichick did for Bob Heller? Over 40 years have passed since Heller beat out Belichick to be the starting center on Wesleyan’s football team. Several years ago Belichick found out that Heller had been diagnosed with cancer. What did Belichick do? He spearheaded a campaign to get Heller inducted into Wesleyan’s athletic hall of fame. And keep in mind that Belichick did this quietly. It wasn’t for notoriety or a photo opportunity. Belichick just wanted to help a friend.

What about the Farrells? Belichick played football at Wesleyan with Jim Farrell. Farrell now owns Farrell Volvo in Southborough. Jim met his wife Nina at Wesleyan through Bill. Different dealerships have offered Bill free cars and endorsement deals. Bill has turned them all down in favor of buying all of his family vehicles from Farrell Volvo. Belichick is loyal, even if he can’t set the clock in his car, as any who watched the documentary “Bill Belichick: A Football Life” which aired on the NFL Network in 2011 now knows.

When Farrell’s father passed away, Belichick surprised Farrell by showing up to the funeral. When Vinnie Colelli’s (another Wesleyan friend) father passed away, Belichick quietly made a donation to Colleli’s family’s church in honor of Colleli’s late father.

Belichick was fiercely hated after he cut QB Bernie Kosar when he was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns (1991-1995). Casey Coleman was one of Belichick’s few defenders, and both received death threats that warranted FBI protection. But when Coleman, who was then the Browns radio broadcaster, passed away on Thanksgiving weekend in 2006, Belichick attended the wake in Cleveland.

When Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill died in a jet ski accident in 2007, Belichick endorsed a memorial tribute to Hill in the Patriots locker room.

Belichick has a big heart as the people at the Lazarus House emergency shelter can attest to. Belichick informed the managers at the shelter that he did not want any publicity and then brought his children there when they were younger so they could help cook meals and serve people in need.

He may be short with the media at times, but everyone could use a friend like Belichick.

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