Super Bowl XLVIII Easily Worst in NFL History

By Nick Comando
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl XLVIII was all about three things: the No. 1 defense of the Seattle Seahawks, the No. 1 offense of the Denver Broncos and the specter of whether or not the weather would be bad in a cold weather city, which really had no bearing on fan attendance to anyone who is not completely delusional. It’s the Super Bowl, and fans show up no matter what. That was even more true this year as MetLife Stadium was significantly louder than other Super Bowls.

Another big story in this year’s Super Bowl was the legendary Peyton Manning and what a Super Bowl win would mean for his legacy. His younger brother, Eli Manning, has two Super Bowl rings as well as being undefeated in the Super Bowl. Peyton, on the other hand, was .500 going into this one with an 11-11 playoff record going into the big game. Of course, we know how good of a regular season and statistical quarterback Manning is, but he never seems to come through in the big game. This year was no different as Manning and his Broncos were unceremoniously spanked by the Seahawks in a 43-8 defeat that saw the best offense in football get totally stopped as well as an otherwise unimpressive Seattle offense come alive.

There were a few things established in this year’s Super Bowl: Manning is officially the greatest regular season quarterback in NFL history, Pete Carroll is a very good coach and this was easily the worst Super Bowl in NFL history.

Now, there are a lot of Super Bowls that could contend for this title, such as Super Bowl XXIV where the San Francisco 49ers crushed the same Broncos, 55-10. There is also Super Bowl XX where the vaunted 1985 Chicago Bears‘ defense destroyed the New England Patriots, 46-10. However, there has never really been as much fanfare over a Super Bowl mostly because it featured the top offense and top defense, the two No. 1 seeds and it guaranteed that for the first time in NFL history the team with the best record in either conference would win the Super Bowl. All this fanfare equated to a one-sided game where it seemed the Broncos thought their season ended when they defeated the Patriots.

Aside from Denver basically not showing up, it would be hard to argue that there is a situation where Seattle would not have won this game even if Denver had shown up. Seattle beat them in special teams, defense, offense and leadership. The Seattle offense, which heavily relied on their run game led by Marshawn Lynch who only seems to want to interact with people when they attempt to tackle him, was about as multifaceted and strong as anyone has ever seen it. Russell Wilson was able to extend plays, make throws when he needed to and they were able to crush Denver.

This year’s Super Bowl was one of the worst for many reasons. The legendary QB did not show up and the top offense in football was anything but. It was a lopsided game from the first snap, and the Broncos just looked flat out shaken, which for a team led by a player in Manning who is always so composed is very telling. It is for these reasons why Super Bowl XLVIII will go down as the worst in NFL history.

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