Jerry Jones Will Never Hire Troy Aikman as Dallas Cowboys’ GM

By Jeric Griffin
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God bless Roger Staubach. The man was very instrumental in developing the Dallas Cowboys into a titan of a team that endured a ton of success in the 1970s and he’s been an iconic figure of the organization ever since. Since retiring from the NFL, Staubach has publicly expressed his confidence in Tony Romo as the team’s future under center and now he’s advocating another former Cowboys quarterback as the club’s future in the front office. The only problem is Jerry Jones will never give up his power to anyone, even Troy Aikman.

Staubach has publicly said he thinks Aikman would make a great general manager for the Cowboys, citing the superb job John Elway has done as the Denver Broncos’ VP over the last few years as the basis for his advocacy. In case you weren’t aware, the Broncos played in the Super Bowl a few days ago, so Staubach isn’t just pulling this out of the air. However, Jerry ain’t about to let go of his death grip on the Cowboys’ future success.

The problem is Jerry doesn’t realize he’s squeezing so hard that he’s sucking the life right out of the organization. He doesn’t see that he’s doing more harm than good and the fact he’s pretty much clueless when it comes to putting together a winning football team makes things worse. But the kicker is Jerry knows he’s not doing a good job, albeit he doesn’t know why. Thus, he’s just going to keep on keeping on because his incredibly unintelligent decisions keep the Cowboys “relevant” and he’s admitted that’s all he cares about.

So if the man who writes the checks isn’t doing a good job, knows it (but doesn’t know why) and doesn’t really care, then why in the world would he let someone else have that control? He won’t. Even though Jerry is by far the worst GM in the NFL and aware of it, he continually backs his decision to stay in control with the three Super Bowl rings on his fingers. The only problem there is those are courtesy of Jimmy Johnson, who put together that Cowboys dynasty of the early 1990s that survived for one more title even after Jerry ran him out of town.

So back to Aikman: How does Staubach know the younger Hall of Fame passer is front office material? Well for starters, Aikman has already said the Cowboys lack a philosophy that defines the franchise, which is the case with “winning organizations” in the NFL, so he realizes there’s a problem in Dallas and hinted that he knows how to fix it. He hit the nail on the head with his thesis for why the Cowboys have floundered in mediocrity for the better part of the past two decades:

“The Cowboys tend to change their beliefs each year on what it is they need or what they’re about. I find that to be somewhat unusual for a club that has been owned by the same owner for [25 years].”

So the “what if?” factor regarding Aikman’s candidacy as the Cowboys’ GM is fun to ponder, but don’t develop this into a rumor or anything like that because Jerry will have a strangle hold on the Cowboys’ organization until the day he dies. Thus, Cowboys fans are the new Oakland Raiders fans, if you know what I mean. R.I.P. Al Davis.

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