Minnesota Vikings: Norv Turner Confirms Team Will Go 'Young' at QB

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
USA Today Sports

Norv Turner was officially announced as the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator on Thursday. His arrival in Minnesota is no doubt being viewed positively by most Vikings fans, as Turner has a proven track record as a great offensive mind. It’s no secret that the Vikings have had their fair share of troubles on offense over the last few years, mainly through the air. The hope is that Turner will change all that starting right away in 2014.

There’s just one problem — the Vikings don’t have a quarterback.

Yes, technically Christian Ponder is on the roster. But that doesn’t figure to be the case in a few weeks. There could realistically be a day in the near future where the Vikings don’t have a QB on the payroll. So fans of the purple and gold are dying to know what the plan is moving forward.

Will the Vikings look to the free agent market for help? Or will they try and draft another ‘franchise’ QB in May?

Turner gave fans a little bit of a clue on Thursday:

“We are trying to add a young quarterback to the organization. We just have to make sure it’s a good one wherever we get him.”

So while the new OC didn’t come right out and say that the Vikings are drafting a QB, that’s the conclusion that most will reach. But when asked ‘where’ the team would try to attain a young QB, Turner didn’t give an answer. He insinuated that the decision would be left up to Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman.

On top of talk about a young QB, Turner also didn’t rule out the return of Matt Cassel, who is opting to become a free agent.

So there you have it. The Vikings are going ‘young’ at QB. More than likely they’ll take one at No. 8, but there’s certainly no guarantee of that. It’s possible that they could look to free agency for immediate help and then take a flyer on a guy like Aaron Murray later in the draft. There are many scenarios that could play out and we’ll try to take a look at all of them as we get closer to draft day. Stay tuned…


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