2014 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Should Trade Down If Possible

By Devin O'Barr
Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft
Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at least two years away from making any kind of noise in the AFC South. Therefore, what’s the point of adding just one big-name prospect each and every spring? Why wouldn’t a sputtering franchise like the Jags attempt something different and trade down in the 2014 NFL Draft in order to effectively stockpile even more young talent?

That’s a question that needs answering. Jacksonville’s best player since 2006 has undoubtedly been Maurice Jones-Drew, who is now an unrestricted free agent looking to leave the entire state of Florida in his rear-view mirror. With that being said, that Jaguars will have to come up with some sort of long-term plan to replace the face of their franchise. And what better way to do that than with a late-first round or even second-round pick on an up-and-coming back.

Heck, it worked out pretty well for the NFL teams that drafted Eddie Lacy, Le’Veon Bell and Giovani Bernard last April — right?

To be fair: trading out of the number-three overall pick is difficult to say the least. However, if it’s at all possible then the Jaguars need to send that pick packing because two early draft picks is always better than one if you’re a troublesome franchise like the  Jacksonville Jaguars.

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