Agent Thoughts About Jermichael Finley Continuing to Play for Green Bay Packers

Agent Thoughts About Jermichael Finley Continuing to Play for Green Bay Packers

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All signs point to the Green Bay Packers not re-signing tight end Jermichael Finley in the offseason. For starters, the neck injury is worrisome. On top of that, he simply will cost too much money during a time where the Packers have to turn their attention to other expenses. With that being said, the representation for Finley is still holding out hope.

“Right now he is a Packer and I know he would love to play his entire career there,” Finley’s agent, Blake Baratz, told The Post. “For the next five weeks or so, they have his exclusive negotiation rights. If it doesn’t work out in Green Bay for whatever reason then I believe there are a number of teams that could use a talent like Jermichael.”

Baratz is definitely right about one thing. If Green Bay decides not to bring Finley back, he will certainly find another organization that is willing to take a chance on him. To be honest, the only concern other teams will have is his health. Even though he hasn’t exactly lived up to the expectations that many of us had for him, he’s still a tremendous talent at a key offensive position.

Personally, I would love to see him play for the Packers next season. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a huge fan of Finley the football player. The last thing the team captain wants is to see another weapon go packing.

Unfortunately, the reality is I don’t think Green Bay will risk it. It’s simply cheaper to continue with Andrew Quarless and select a tight end in one of the early rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. Not to mention, many organizations within the league are not willing to take a chance on players with neck injuries, especially after all of the lawsuits that are being filed by former players. Finley could potentially be a huge medical risk who simply isn’t worth it.

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  • Scott

    The lawsuits have absolutely NOTHING to do with teams shying away from Finley. That’s….just insane.

    However, my guess is that the Packers don’t even make an offer to Finley right now or during the exclusive rights period for the simple fact that it’d likely insult him.

    I think after that, assuming he is cleared to play as he and his agent have suggested(and keep in mind as you’ve compared him to Nick Collins, he had an entirely different type of neck injury than Collins. Collins had a compression while Finley had….frankly I don’t know without going back and looking it up, but lets just say the way the surgeons explained in several articles was that it’d be like one guy fracturing his leg and another snapping it like Joe Thiesman with it’s bone sticking out…the latter being Collins, the prior being Finley) that teams are going to come in WELL below where Finley believes he’s worth.

    I don’t think anyone is going to pay him even close to what he made last year and he very well could be a guy who is still on the open market during the draft. At which point the Packers may be wise to jump back in and offer an incentive laden 2 year deal for 8 million that could be worth as much as 12-13 million with playing time, catch, TD and yard incentives.

    He thinks he’s going to receive an offer commensurate to the top TE’s in the NFL right now. That’s just not going to happen when teams aren’t sure if he’ll be able to play.