Jerry Jones Wants To Win, But Only Under One Condition

By Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones has been accused of not caring whether his team wins or loses as long as the money keeps rolling in. Some believe that as long as AT&T stadium is full every week, getting a win is just icing on the cake. I believe Jerry Jones does care and desperately wants to win a Super Bowl. He just has one condition that must come along with winning.

Jerry knows what it feels like to win a Super Bowl. He won three of them in the 1990s. The thing that bothers Jerry is that fans give him the same amount of credit for those championships as they give Rowdy the Cowboys’ mascot. Ask any fan who was responsible for the Dallas Cowboys winning in the 1990s, and they will tell you, “Jimmy Johnson.” They even give Jimmy credit for the third Super Bowl championship even though he was not the coach.

Jerry is defiant in his stance to stay in control despite Cowboys’ fans screaming and pleading at the end of every mediocre season for Jerry to hire a football guy to be the GM. It’s been a hot topic this offseason mostly because former Dallas Cowboys QB, Troy Aikman, mentioned in an interview that he would like to someday be a NFL GM. Troy did say that he did not believe Dallas would ever be an option due to the structure of the franchise, but that is not the only reason it would never happen.

In Jerry’s mind hiring a GM would be a no-win proposition. If Jerry hired Troy, or anyone else, and the Cowboys were to win a Super Bowl, Jerry would get no credit just like in the 1990s. In fact, he would get blamed for not hiring a GM sooner. If he hired a GM and it didn’t work out he would be criticized for hiring the wrong guy.

Jerry cannot get the credit he wants and believes he deserves just by being the owner when and if Dallas wins another Super Bowl. Jerry has to win the Super Bowl being in charge of every aspect. Jerry definitely wants to win. He wants to hold up the Lombardi Trophy for the entire Cowboys’ nation to see.  However, when that happens he wants to be able to shout out the words Frank Sinatra once sang, “I did it MY WAY.”

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