New York Jets Rumors: Team To Pursue WR Jeremy Maclin

By Andrew Fisher
Jeremy Maclin
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

The New York Jets need to improve on the offensive side of the ball. That’s a fact. Specifically, they need to get better through the air. The Jets finished the 2013 season in 31st place, averaging a measly 183.2 passing yards per game. In this day and age, that’s not going to cut it. So naturally, most fans are expecting the Jets to make some serious moves this upcoming offseason.

One of the possible moves that’s rumored to be on the table? Signing free agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Despite coming off of ACL surgery, Maclin is still one of the top receivers in this year’s free agent class. He’s expected to make a full recovery and teams won’t be shying away from trying to attain his services.

The problem for the Jets, is that the Philadelphia Eagles are said to be very set on bringing Maclin back. Reportedly, they are prioritizing him over fellow free agent Riley Cooper.

On top of wanting to sign Maclin, the Jets are also reportedly interested in WR Emmanuel Sanders. How could they possibly afford to sign both players? They’re apparently ready to cut Santonio Holmes, which will save the team about $8 million.

Are the odds good that the Jets could sign both Maclin and Sanders? No. If you had to place a bet on which player they’ll sign, I’d go with Sanders. I believe the Eagles will compensate Maclin handsomely and that he’ll end up staying in Philly.

But one way or another, changes are coming to the Jets wide receiving corps here in the next few weeks.


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