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5 Underrated Free Agents The Houston Texans Should Target This Offseason

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5 Underrated Free Agents To Target

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The Houston Texans were criticized in 2012 because the offense was one dimensional, and things quickly fell apart without Arian Foster in 2013.

Matt Schaub only passed for 10 touchdowns this past season, and his 14 interceptions forced Case Keenum to become a starter sooner then expected. Keenum was unable to perform at the level that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III did in their rookie seasons, and the Texans are now unsure of whom the signal caller should be in 2014. Keenum and Schaub only threw the ball for 300 yards or more in just three games, and the quarterback position prevented the Texans from making another playoff appearance.

With such poor play at quarterback, it was difficult for the wide receivers to create any type of spark in the offense. Andre Johnson had a strong individual season with 1,407 receiving yards, and rookie receiver DeAndre Hopkins finished the year with 802 receiving yards.

The Texans ended up playing musical chairs with the tight end position all season. Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham and Ryan Griffin combined for a total of nine touchdowns and 1,041 receiving yards.

As mentioned before, things really fell apart for Houston when Foster was injured. Ben Tate played through injuries of his own during the season, but Tate was unable to solidify himself as a viable option for the Texans.

The Texans' defense needs to improve from this past season, but the team can be happy with the fact that the defense finished third against the pass in 2013. Ed Reed never worked out as the Texans had hoped, so the safety position will need to be addressed through the 2014 Draft or free agency.

The good thing for the Texans is that things can't get much worse. A good draft will help make the Texans a competitive football team, and a few select free agent picks could help to improve the team immediately.

Here are five underrated free agents the Houston Texans should target this offseason.

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5. Bernard Pollard

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For whatever the reason may be, Bernard Pollard appears to have a hard time staying with one team for more than a few seasons. Pollard had a strong 2013 campaign for the Tennessee Titans with 99 total tackles and three interceptions. He wouldn't break the bank to sign, and Pollard would be a nice new addition to Houston.

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4. Fred Davis

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Fred Davis has had a difficult time staying healthy, but his 2011 season shows that he has the potential to be a star. In 2011, Davis caught three touchdowns and had 796 receiving yards in just 12 games. Signing Davis would help the Texans focus the tight end position on one or two guys.

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3. Andre Brown

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If the Texans were able to have a healthy Andre Brown and Arian Foster on the field, I would hate to be the defense that had to stop that running attack.

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2. Michael Vick

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Michael Vick would be an interesting option for the Texans. He would most likely come fairly cheap, and having Vick as the starter would allow Case Keenum to continue to learn the playbook. If the Texans think that Keenum is the future, then they need to have a veteran quarterback who can step in.

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1. Josh McCown

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Josh McCown had a great season in 2013, and he would be a great play caller for the Texans to have. McCown could start the season until Bill O'Brien feels that Keenum is ready.