Which Matt Would You Take: Matt Schaub or Matt Cassel?

By Carlton Chin
Matt Schaub
Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

Rumors have been flying around that the Oakland Raiders are interested in Matt Schaub and Matt Cassel. Some analysts say that Schaub’s release from the Houston Texans is a formality, and Cassel voided his 2014 contract with the Minnesota Vikings. Are either of the “Matts” good options for the Raiders?

Everyone knows that the quarterback is one of the most important positions on the field. In today’s modern NFL offense, the quarterback has definitely increased in importance. Based on our review of the Raiders’ passing game, the quarterback position is the Raiders’ weakest link and remains the biggest issue for the Raiders to address.

With the number five pick in the NFL Draft, the Raiders find themselves right on the cusp of a quality, young quarterback. The 2014 NFL Draft is reportedly the deepest NFL Draft in recent years. However, third and fourth-best quarterbacks in drafts do not often develop into elite or great NFL quarterbacks. As a result, the Raiders cannot realistically expect to draft an elite quarterback with their current draft position.

For this reason, rumors and excitement are swirling around a variety of good veteran NFL quarterbacks. Here, we take a quick peek at Matt Cassel and Matt Schaub.

Matt Cassel

  • Age: 31
  • 2013 QB Rating: 81.6 (9 games)
  • Offensive Line in 2013 (Grade for protecting passer): Below average (Minnesota)
  • Career QB Rating: 80.5
  • Seasons with QB Rating > 90: One
  • Best QB Rating Year: 93.0 (2010)

Matt Schaub

  • Age: 32
  • 2013 QB Rating: 73.0 (10 games)
  • Offensive Line in 2013 (Grade for protecting passer): Well below average (Houston)
  • Career QB Rating: 89.8
  • Seasons with QB Rating > 90: Five
  • Best QB Rating Year: 98.6 (2011)

Based on the tale of the tape, it appears that Schaub has better overall potential. He has a much higher career quarterback rating (89.8 vs. Cassel’s 80.5) and many more quality years than Cassel (5-to-1). Cassel did have a generally better 2013 than Schaub.

As recently as 2012, Schaub led the Texans into the playoffs with a 12-4 record. In 2010, Schaub won the MVP Award at the Pro Bowl. There are, of course, other issues such as money and whether a player “fits in.” Some analysts feel that Schaub does not fit into the Raiders’ system. Fans forget quickly, but perhaps a team like the Raiders will be able to pick up an unwanted and undervalued Schaub.

We will have more information on other quarterbacks, the NFL Draft, and what this all means to the Raiders and other NFL teams.

Carlton J. Chin is a fund manager, quant researcher, and sports analysis contributor at Rant Sports. Please follow him on Twitter @QuantFacts, “Like” him on Facebook, or add him to your Google network.

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