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Mark Reblias-USA TODAY

Watch prime time television, and more likely than not you will see a commercial featuring an NFL wide receiver. The wide receiver position requires its participants to take bone-jarring hits, but it is also one of the most glamorous positions in sports.

Many wide receivers share a common strand of DNA. They are born showmen, born fearless and born for the spotlight. NFL receivers attend an inordinate number of A-list events, appear in an inordinate number of commercials, show up in an inordinate number of gossip magazines and date an inordinate number of female celebrities and models.

Wide receivers also have something else in common: They are an extraordinarily handsome group. This was brought to my attention by my wife. She turned to me during a Green Bay Packers game just after the camera zoomed in on Randall Cobb and his piercing hazel eyes and said, “what’s up with these wide receivers? Why are they all so dreamy?”

The question was rhetorical (and a little emasculating), but it gave me a great slideshow idea. I immediately reached out to my female friends, family and fellow sports writers to ask them who were the best looking wide receivers in the NFL.

I also wanted to factor online buzz as well as public relationships with gorgeous women into the rankings. I searched social media platforms and the Internet service for instances where words and phrases like "dreamy", “good looking”, "handsome" and “hawt” were used to describe particular NFL receivers. Finally, I researched gossip magazines for players who had dated celebrities and supermodels.

From my unscientific polling and online research, I was able to compile the first-ever list of the 25 dreamiest wide receivers in the NFL today.

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25. Kenny Stills

kenny Stills good looking
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY

Kenny Stills rocks the dreamiest fauxhawk in the NFL.

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24. Aaron Dobson

aaron Dobson good looking
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY

The classically handsome Aaron Dobson has a regal quality even in sweats.

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23. Danny Amendola

Danny Amendola good looking
David Butler-USA TODAY

Danny Amendola will sweep any woman off her feet when he's not wearing a cast.

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22. Percy Harvin

Harvin Good Looking
Brace Hemmeigarn-USA TODAY

Percy Harvin always starts the season on dreamy injured reserve in hopes of making a dreamy late-season comeback.

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21. Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon Good Looking
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY

Josh Gordon is that fun-loving shy-guy girls crush on.

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20. DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson good looking
John Gellebter-USA TODAY

Justin Bieber brought DeSean Jackson's escapades with gorgeous women into the public eye.

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19. Lance Moore

Lance Moore good looking
Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Linked to Jessica Burciaga, Lance Moore's pioneering single-eye black look helped him make the list.

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18. Cecil Shorts III

Cecil Shorts good looking

Cecil Shorts is sure to add the "III" whenever he wants to impress a classy lady.

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17. Justin Hunter

Justin Hunter good looking
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY

Justin Hunter has that swoon-worthy boy-next-door look with a little Denzel-dreaminess sprinkled in.

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16. Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings good looking
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY

Shirtless deodorant commercials boost Greg Jennings' stock.

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15. Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown good looking
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY

Be careful! Don't get swept away by Antonio Brown's dreamy brown eyes.

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14. Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall Good Looking
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY

Dream-worthy Brandon Marshall has the fashion sense to go along with "the look."

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13. Julio Jones

Julio Jones good looking
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY

An imposing physical presence combined with an effervescent smile pushes Julio Jones up the dreamy list.

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12. Wes Welker

Wes Welker good looking
Getty Images

Who doesn't dream of sailing away into Wes Welker's deep blue eyes?

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11. Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz good looking
Jane Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY

Victor Cruz's Latin flair always gets the ladies excited, particularly on the dance floor.

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10. David Nelson

David Nelson good looking
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY

David Nelson once gave a game ball to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but all she really needed was a smile.

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9. Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith good looking
Mark Reblias-USA TODAY

Grooming is essential for dreaminess, and Torrey Smith's perfect beard and braids make him the most well-groomed player in the NFL.

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8. Roddy White

Roddy White good looking
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY

Roddy White's playful smile is simply intoxicating.

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7. Eric Decker

Eric Decker good looking
Mark Reblias-USA TODAY

Eric Decker has a movie star quality to him, particularly when he rocks the dreamy long hair.

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6. Golden Tate

Golden Tate good looking
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY

Golden Tate is true to his name. He is the gold standard for dreamy wide receivers.

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5. Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders good looking
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY

If you are dreaming of Emmanuel Sanders' eyes, smile or six-pack, you'll never want to wake up.

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4. Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb good looking

Randall Cobb's piercing hazel eyes are highly dream-worthy.

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3. DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins good looking
Brett Davis-USA TODAY

DeAndre Hopkins has the cool, smoldering dreamtastic look of a high fashion model.

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2. Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald good looking
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY

Possessing the best smile in the game, Larry Fitzgerald oozes dreamboat.

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1. Miles Austin

Jayne Kamin Oncea-USA TODAY

The dreamiest of the dreamy Miles Austin famously dated, then dumped, Kim Kardashian.