Martellus Bennett: NFL Player ... Rapper?

By Billy Moy
Getty Images

Yes, you read that right, Martellus Bennett doesn’t just play in the NFL; when he’s not on the football field, the Chicago Bears tight end can be found laying down bars in the studio — and not just ones about Cap’n Crunch:

Bennett dropped a mixtape yesterday called Year of the Orange Dinosaur, and honestly, it’s pretty good. If you’re into hip hop or athletes who double as rappers, it’s definitely worth your time to give the 17 tracks Bennett released a shot:

One song that especially stands out is the fourth track, Smoking Section. In the song, the first line of the chorus goes “I’m G’d up, chilling in the smoking section,” and he raps about using marijuana throughout the song.

I’m not here to pass judgment either way. I just found that song to be particularly interesting, given all the buzz surrounding the topic of the NFL legalizing marijuana. I believe the song further validates Antonio Cromartie‘s recent statement that players are going to smoke weed if they want to regardless of what the rules say.

Getting back to Bennett as a rapper, I would describe his skills on the mic similar to how I’d describe his skills on the field: above average, but not elite. Bennett certainly isn’t the next Nas or Andre 3000, but he’s undoubtedly talented, and he clearly put some serious work into the project. The production is exceptional, and hopefully this is just the beginning for the Black Unicorn.

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