5 Potential Trades For St. Louis Rams With The No. 2 Overall Pick

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5 Potential Trades For St. Louis Rams With The No. 2 Overall Pick

St. Louis Rams Trade Rumors
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The St. Louis Rams hold what might be the most valuable pick in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. It’s a deep draft, with several players at the top end who are going to be coveted by teams. Depending on what the Houston Texans do with the top overall pick, there will be a player available at No. 2 that teams will be ready to trade a fortune to move up and get.

Chances are that player will be the pass rushing, game-plan destroying defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. By all accounts he’s the most talented player in the draft and will likely be available with the No. 2 overall pick. The Texans already got burned by one pass rusher with the top pick, so they’re not going to go down that road again.

While plenty of teams would like to move up and get Clowney, there are also teams that might want to move up to get the quarterback they want. Depending on who goes to Houston, there might be just one potential franchise quarterback left on the board with teams coming up who need to take a signal-caller. If you want one of the best quarterbacks on the board, you’re going to need to move up to get him.

This is going to be one of the best drafts in a while because there are so many things that could happen. The Rams need depth, especially on the offensive line, and they could get that later in the first-round by moving down and getting an extra pick or two in the process.

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5. Dallas Cowboys for 1st Round (17th Overall), 3rd Round, 6th Round

Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Rams Trade
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The only thing Jerry Jones hates more than losing is the threat of being irrelevant. The Dallas Cowboys are on the verge of being just another struggling NFL team, and moving up to get Clowney will get them in the headlines for sure.

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4. Cleveland Browns For 1st Round (4th Overall), 3rd Round

Cleveland Browns St. Louis Rams Trade Rumors
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The Cleveland Browns need a quarterback, and if they don't want to get whoever the Jacksonville Jaguars pass on they'll need to leap up over them to get their man.

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3. Chicago Bears For 1st Round (14th Overall), 2nd Round, 6th Round

Chicago Bears St. Louis Rams Trade Rumors
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The Chicago Bears love to build around defense. Clowney would immediately give them a cornerstone they could build around for years to come.

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2. Minnesota Vikings For 1st Round (8th Overall), 2nd Round

Minnesota Vikings st. Louis Rams Trade Rumors
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The Minnesota Vikings need a quarterback, but they won't get a potential franchise signal-caller with the No. 8 overall pick. If they want one of the top quarterbacks in the class, they'll need to give up a second rounder to move up and get him.

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1. Atlanta Falcons For 1st Round (6th Overall), 3rd Round, 6th Round

Atlanta Falcons St. Louis Rams Trade Rumors
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This is the trade that makes the most sense to me. The Atlanta Falcons need a pass rusher, and the Rams could still get a top-end offensive lineman with the No. 6 overall pick. Plus, we know the Falcons aren't afraid to pull the trigger on big draft day trades.

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  • Editor

    Exactly what No.1 pick of a pass rusher did the Texans get burned on? The only one I recall was Mario Williams and he turned out just fine for the Texans. Yet another clueless sports writer wannabe.

  • Beer O’Clock

    While almost every speculative article I’ve read on such a trade overvalues the Rams 1st-round, second-overall pick (I’ve seen several that has the Browns giving up both their first rounders and their second rounder to trade up two spots), this one actually undervalues the trade value of this pick.

    This article is flawed due to the fact the Rams could care less about an extra sixth round pick. They already have nine picks in the draft and most likely will receive two more late rounders as compensation for last year’s free agent losses.

    With that in mind, Snead would be a fool to consider the Dallas proposal of 1st (17) a mid-round third and a mid-round sixth. It won’t happen. The same could be said of the Chicago proposal, which is a little better.

    The Viking proposal makes much more sense: 1st (8) and a 2nd, but that’s only if the Rams’ targeted candidate for their first pick is evaluated to fall that low. The goal for the Rams is to get an extra pick(or better, multiple picks) that enable, with high probability, for them get a player (or better, players) who will be a solid starter(s) in the near future and still get the premiere player they’ve targeted with their first pick.

    If Texas doesn’t take Clowney, the Rams value for the trade goes up significantly due to the fact Clowney is still on the board and there are only two “low-risk” QBs remaining. If that happens, I see a bidding war between Atlanta going for Clowney, Cleveland, Oakland and Minnesota–the latter three wanting to get their choice of a franchise QB before Jacksonville picks. Each team would surrender their first and second round picks and then add whatever it takes to secure the trade–most likely a fourth this year or a second next year.

    Cleveland has the best position to trade due to their 4th positioning status and two first-round picks (making the surrender of a second-round pick more tolerable).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Houston, given the right offer, trades down on their first overall pick.

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