Buffalo Bills NFL Draft Preview: Greg Robinson

By Ryan Womeldorf
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing our look at the 2014 NFL Draft and just who the Buffalo Bills might select with the No. 9 overall pick, it’s sometimes hard to ignore the sexy skill positions like quarterback or wide receiver in favor of a must-need like offensive line. But the trenches are often what win games, leading the Bills to take a good hard look at Greg Robinson.

What He Brings:

Robinson, the tackle from Auburn, is considered to be the most physically dominant player in the draft after Jadeveon Clowney. He’s considered to have a higher ceiling than Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews and is a mauler in the run game.

He’s got unparalleled athleticism and size, making him one of the most enticing prospects in the entire draft. There are caveats, however. He wasn’t really asked to pass block much at Auburn, so there’s some uncertainty there. His footwork is also unrefined, making him a very high-end project. With the right work he could dominate for the next 10-plus years.

What He Would Do For The Bills:

Combined with Cordy Glenn, he would give the Bills a pair of bookends on the line that could anchor the team for years. With Glenn and Robinson watching E.J. Manuel’s back, it seems far more likely that the oft-injured quarterback can actually stay on the field instead of spending most of his time on the trainer’s table.

Not only that, but his presence in the run game could potentially help create those big running lanes to spring C.J. Spiller and all that speed loose. Give a home run hitter like Spiller a crease and he’s gone. Robinson and Glenn could open up a crease or two.


At this point, it’s becoming a difficult thing to project Robinson’s value. Depending on the team his skill-set could be coveted, but his lack of polish could push teams away.

He’s projected as high as the top-five in some mocks but falls out of the top-ten in others. That makes him fair game should he fall to the Bills at No. 9, and they could wind up with the steal of the draft if he’s capable of hitting that extremely high ceiling.

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