Buffalo Bills NFL Draft Preview: Sammy Watkins

By Ryan Womeldorf
Sammy Watkins NFL Draft
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing our look at the 2014 NFL Draft and just who the Buffalo Bills might select with the No. 9 overall pick, we take a look at one of the most boom-or-bust prospects in the entire draft: Sammy Watkins.

What He Brings:

Watkins was only the hands-down most electrifying receiver in college football the last two seasons. He’s got speed to burn and can leave corners in his dust in the blink of an eye. Throw in the fact that he’s 6-foot-1 and over 200-pounds and he’s ready to tangle with NFL corners today.

He put up big numbers at Clemson – 85 catches, 1237 yards, 10 touchdowns – showing that he has the hands to match his speed. Not only that, but he showed up when it mattered: Six receptions for 127 yards and a touchdown against Georgia, eight receptions for 68 yards and a touchdown against Florida State and seven receptions for 93 yards against South Carolina. He plays big regardless of the situation.

What He Would Do For The Bills:

He would give them a true home run threat and instantly provide a true No. 1 receiver option. Giving quarterback E.J. Manuel a target deep would help stretch the field and open things up for the rest of the offense.

Not only that, but his presence alone would benefit the other receivers. Stevie Johnson could slide into the slot to exploit matchups and be the elite secondary receiver he’s always been while Robert Woods could focus on being the possession receiver most teams covet. The Bills would instantly have a fantastic group of receivers to aid in Manuel’s development.


Watkins is generally perceived as a shoe-in top-ten pick, so the Bills are a realistic spot for him at No. 9 overall. He could, however, go a touch earlier, but the Bills could stay pat at nine and still end up with him.

Grabbing the top receiver in the draft and a potentially elite player outside of the top-five would be a huge score for the Bills and benefit them in so many ways offensively.

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