Detroit Lions Should Be Worried After Ndamukong Suh Partners With Jay-Z

By Connor Muldowney
Ndamukong Suh
Getty Images

It seems like the Detroit Lions are struggling with salary cap issues lately and DT Ndamukong Suh is projected to add to those problems with a huge contract on the horizon — if he ends up sticking with Detroit. Well, Suh made a huge move about a month ago by firing his agents, and an even bigger move this week by announcing a partnership with Jay-Z and Roc Nation.

Suh is expected to announce later on Tuesday afternoon or even later this week what exactly the partnership entails, but the Lions should not be happy about such a collaboration.

Why should they be worried?

Take a look at the reputation of Roc Nation and you will see that it is an agency run by Jay-Z that tries to get the most possible dollar amounts out of teams to pay for athletes — perfect example would be Robinson Cano who made Jay-Z his agent and signed a huge deal in the offseason.

The Lions are already going to go over the salary cap if they re-sign Suh to a long-term deal and they are trying to figure out any way to avoid the hit — even rumoring a trade of the DT.

With an announcement of the partnership coming soon, it looks like Suh knows that he is worth a ton of money and he will rely on Jay-Z to get him millions upon millions of dollars — something the Lions simply cannot afford. If this is true, Detroit could end up losing out on the superstar DT.

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