Minnesota Vikings Facing Challenge of Attracting WRs Without a QB

By Andrew Fisher
Rick Spielman
USA Today Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are much better than their 5-10-1 record from 2013 indicates. For the most part, the Vikings are a solid team with key pieces in place. But of course, they’re also a team with a few problems. The biggest problem in Minnesota remains the lack of a franchise quarterback.

You can go on and on about how bad the Vikings defense was last year. There’s no denying that the unit was terrible most of the time. But the front office folks went out and got a guy to fix those problems. That guy is new head coach Mike Zimmer. It will take a few moves and tweaks, but Zimmer will have the defense whipped into shape next season. That’s what he does.

If you’re a Vikings fan, don’t worry about the defense.

However, if you’re a fan of the purple and gold, you should be very worried about the lack of a franchise QB. Heck, you should be worried because the team doesn’t even really have a quarterback at all right now. Matt Cassel is getting set to hit the free agent market along with Josh Freeman, which will leave Christian Ponder as the only remaining signal-caller in town. Most think it’s a foregone conclusion that Ponder will get released in the near future, but even if he stays on the roster, how are the Vikings supposed to attract free agent wide receivers?

If you’re a free agent WR, what about the QB situation in Minnesota makes you want to sign with the Vikings? Unless the Vikings just knock somebody’s socks off with an offer, they’re going to have a difficult time convincing a free agent WR that Minneapolis is the best place for them.

Make no mistake about it, Minnesota needs to sign a free agent WR or two. Jerome Simpson is as good as gone and even if they get more help in the draft, the roster needs another veteran pass-catcher. It doesn’t have to be Eric Decker or Jeremy Maclin, but the Vikings need another proven WR.


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