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5 NFL Draft Prospects Who Could Be Instant Starters for Tennessee Titans

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5 NFL Draft Prospects Who Could Be Instant Starters for Tennessee Titans

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The Tennessee Titans have an array of needs which could be filled in the 2014 NFL draft. The Titans didn't have an awful year in 2013, but it wasn't great either. The organization finished second in the AFC South with a record of 7-9. The Titans have a big mountain to climb before the club will be a playoff contender.

Titans starting quarterback Jake Locker had to sit out a few games last season due to injury. Locker has proven to be very injury-prone, so it doesn't seem as though he is the team's future at quarterback, which means the Titans may select a quarterback in one of the first couple of rounds in the draft.

Furthermore, the Titans need an edge pass rusher on defense. The Titans defense ranked 21st in the league in total sacks in 2013, and need to get after the quarterback more in 2014. The Titans have a strong defensive line, but if a great pass rusher is added, it would be a great line.

The Titans could even draft a tight end. Delanie Walker is not a true starting tight end, and the Titans could use another weapon on offense.

The club also lacks a good middle linebacker in its defense. Middle linebacker Moise Foku is one of the worst inside in the NFL. He is a huge liability against the run. The Titans have lacked a good middle linebacker for quite a while, and it is hard to imagine the Titans not upgrading the middle linebacker position in this year's draft.

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5. DE/OLB Anthony Barr

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Anthony Barr, who is 6-foot-4 and 248 pounds, has great size and athleticism. He gets off the snap with tremendous quickness. Barr can speed rush and bull-rush opposing lineman. His sack numbers were in the double-digits in his junior and senior year at UCLA. Barr has the tools to be an effective edge rusher.

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4. DE/OLB Khalil Mack

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Khalil Mack played as a down lineman and an outside linebacker in Buffalo's 3-4 defense. Mack gets off blocks very quickly, and he has a lot of strength. He has a full arsenal of moves which can be used to disengage blockers. Mack likely wouldn't have a problem becoming a starter in the Titans' defense.

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3. ILB C.J. Mosley

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Alabama product C.J. Mosley, would be an instant starter for the Titans. Mosley is definitely the best inside linebacker prospect of 2014. He is a very smart player. Mosley's awareness is top-notch, and he does a very good job of tracking the football.

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2. TE Eric Ebron

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It's not very likely that the Titans will select Eric Ebron, who played at North Carolina. Nonetheless, Ebron would be a great addition to the Titans, and he has the potential to jump Walker on the Titans' depth chart. Ebron has a big catching radius, which allows him to nicely pluck balls out of the air. He is also a good route runner and run-blocker.

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1. QB Derek Carr

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Derek Carr, who played his college ball at Fresno State, could be available for the Titans when it is time for their first selection. At 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, Carr is an athletic quarterback. Carr has the arm strength to make any throw, but his accuracy can be wild at times, which makes him a risky pick. He is also has high football intelligence, and is able to read coverages before the snap.