Cleveland Browns Rumors: Brandon Weeden Wants Out, Should Get Another Shot

By Andrew Fisher
Brandon Weeden
USA Today Sports

The Cleveland Browns are a complete mess right now. There’s really not a whole lot of debate about it. After going through yet another coach and GM, Brandon Weeden has reportedly had enough. The soon to be third-year QB is said to want out of Cleveland, and honestly, you can’t blame him.

Weeden is currently under contract through the 2015 season, with more guaranteed money still due his way. In total he’s slated to make just over $8 million over four years in Cleveland, with $7.5 million guaranteed to him. So given that, you would have to think that the Browns will try to trade him (if they even want to part ways).

The Browns are clearly headed in yet another new direction and it’s doubtful that Weeden is part of their future plans. Given that, it wouldn’t be totally shocking to see him get released if no one wanted to acquire him via a trade.

Will another team have interest in the former first-rounder?

I believe there has to be a team somewhere with interest in Weeden. The view of him has changed in the last two years, but we are talking about a guy who nearly everyone had evaluated as a first or second round talent. He has potential, maybe not as much as originally thought, be it’s still there.

Weeden is clearly not in the right situation in Cleveland. Now would be a great time for both sides to move on. If the Browns can get a late-round pick in return for him, don’t be surprised if he gets dealt. Will he revive his career in a new location? It seems doubtful based on what we’ve seen from him so far, but you never know.


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