Dallas Cowboys Fans Must Watch RB De'Anthony Thomas at the 2014 NFL Combine

By Jeremy Martin
De'Anthony Thomas, Dallas Cowboys
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is just around the corner. NFL teams are starting to get their checklists together for what positions they want and what players they want to pay extra close attention to while in Indianapolis. Players can either “shoot up” some teams’ draft boards with a good performance or drop down the boards with a bad one.

While NFL personnel are getting their list of players to watch, fans should be doing the same thing. Just 15 years ago the Combine was not even televised and cameras were not allowed in the stadium. Now, thanks to the NFL and NFL Network, fans get to watch the players perform drills, lift weights and run 40-yard dashes. While some do not put a ton of stock into the Combine, calling it “The Underwear Olympics,” it does serve a purpose for teams and fans alike.

I intend to give the Dallas Cowboys fans a player to pay close attention to for each position. Each is a player I believe the Cowboys could have some interest in or would at least be a good fit with Dallas. Here we are going to focus on the RB position.

The RB that I believe Cowboys’ fans should watch is De’Anthony Thomas out of Oregon. Thomas is not going to be an “every down” back in the NFL. Standing only 5-foot-10 and weighing only 176-pounds, he is undersized. However, Thomas makes up for his lack of size in speed. Thomas was also a track star at Oregon, and his speed on the football field caused headaches for opposing defenses.

It seems that RB is not a pressing need for Dallas at the moment.  But keep in mind that DeMarco Murray is entering the final year of his contract, and Joseph Randle was a disappointment in his rookie year. If Dallas decides to let DeMarco go after this season then RB becomes a much more pressing need.

Because Thomas is undersized, many Scouts project him as a fifth to seventh-round pick. If he falls that late in the draft, it makes sense to take a flyer on him. In addition to RB, he could also be a dangerous weapon in the return game.

Dallas is a team that is missing a lot of things. One of the key things I believe they have missed for some time now is playmakers. They need guys who can score anytime they touch the ball, and that is the type of player De’Anthony Thomas is. While the Cowboys may not be looking at the RB position as closely as some others, one guy I believe to be a “must watch” for the Cowboys and their fans is Thomas.

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