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5 NFL Draft Prospects Who Could Be Instant Starters for Miami Dolphins

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Instant Draft Starters For Miami Dolphins

Miami Draft Prospects
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If the Miami Dolphins wish to keep Ryan Tannehill as the starting quarterback, the Dolphins will need to target players in the 2014 NFL Draft who can do a better job at protecting the signal caller.

When a team allows 58 quarterback sacks and was ranked as one of the worst teams in the NFL in rushing, some drastic changes need to be made immediately. The rushing attack of Lamer Miller and Daniel Thomas never really took off for the Dolhpins, but some of that blame can be placed on the lack of holes created for the running game. Miller and Thomas finished the 2013 season with a combined total of six rushing touchdowns. If the Dolphins wish to take pressure off the passing game, they will need to draft players who can make room for Miller and Thomas.

Tannehill improved on his completion percentage and passing yards per game average from the previous year, but he still had a high turnover rate. The 17 interceptions of Tannehill this past season shows that he is not being given enough time to make decisions. This quarterback is very athletic and can move around, but Tannehill can only escape from being tackled so many times. Mike Wallace made note of his lack of involvement in the offense on several occasions, but Tannehill will continue to have a hard time finding a consistent connection with any of his wide receivers if he continually has to avoid being slammed to the ground.

The defense also struggled this past season, and the Dolphins will need to draft a player to help improve the 24th ranked rush defense. While improving the protection of the quarterback is paramount, the defense will need to find players to help prevent opponents from rushing all over them.

The 2014 season of Miami is filled with questions. The distractions off of the field have clearly caused issues within the locker room, and coach Joe Philbin has a tremendous task of trying to bring this team together. With new players entering the organization through the draft, the Dolphins have the ability to reform their image and improve on both sides of the ball.

Here are five NFL draft prospects who could be instant starters for the Miami Dolphins.

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Antonio Richardson

Miami Draft Prospect
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Offensive tackle Antonio Richardson would be an immediate starter for the Miami Dolphins. Standing at 6-foot-6 and weighing in at over 300 pounds, Richardson would be able to help decrease the hits on Ryan Tannehill.

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Seantrel Henderson

Miami Draft Prospect Seantrel Henderson
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Seantrel Henderson is another offensive tackle that the Dolphins could start immediately, but his injuries and off the field issues would add another distraction in Miami. Henderson is an absolute physical monster, however, and the Dolphins would be able to sign him later in the draft because most teams will not want to take a chance on him.

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Ra'Shede Hageman

Miami Draft Prospect Ra'Shede Hageman
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Ra'Shede Hageman has drawn comparisons to J.J. Watt, and the 6-foot-6 defensive tackle would immediately help to improve the defense of Miami. Hageman is projected to be picked in the first round, so Miami will need to act quick to pick up this future star.

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Carlos Hyde

Miami NFL Draft Prospect Carlos Hyde
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Daniel Thomas will be a free agent in 2015, and the Dolphins need to find more consistency with their rushing attack. Carlos Hyde would provide the physicality and the spark that is needed, and the duo of Miller and Hyde could become very difficult to stop.

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Morgan Moses

Miami Draft Prospect Morgan Moses
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Standing at 6-foot-6 and weighing over 300 pounds, Morgan Moses is another offensive tackle that should be heavily targeted by the Dolphins. Not only would Moses be able to protect Tannehill, but he can provide the blocking that the Miami running backs desperately need.