5 Reasons Why Vince Young Should Give Up on His NFL Comeback

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Vince Young Should Give Up on His NFL Comeback

Vince Young NFL Comeback
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Vince Young is certainly a polarizing athlete for many fans across many different states. Polarization is bound to happen when you share successes and failures for many different teams at different levels of competition. However, the important thing for any athlete is to know when to fold your cards. Young needs to see the bigger picture and realize that maybe it is time for him to attempt his comeback at a level of play lower than the NFL. If he is not intuitive enough to realize this soon, he might have to expedite the process of finding a new career.

Young claims that with his legal troubles behind him, he is now able to focus solely on “family, football and pursuing all opportunities ahead of me," according to Young. Did he really have the audacity to put family before football? That must mean he is not really focused enough. All kidding aside, the real takeaway here is that Young is reacting directly to his legal troubles.

Bankruptcy is no joke, and it is likely the motivating factor for Young’s comeback attempt. Let’s be observational; if Young really wanted to become a consistently great quarterback, he would have done so before he went bankrupt. The facts are simple—Young was an outstanding college football player who had a sudden barrage of success in the NFL that was tied directly to his coaching. Look back at a Tennessee Titans game early in Young’s career, and it won’t take you long to find out that they were using an offensive set very similar to the spread option that the Washington Redskins coined in 2012.

Young’s success was a mirage, yet general managers continue to give him tryout after tryout. At this stage of his career, however, a solid portion of his physical talent has eroded. You can call it a lack of repetition or a lack of focus, but either way Young offers very little as a quarterback in the NFL. He should end his comeback before he even starts it. There are other options for him football wise that better fit what he has to offer a team.

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5. He Hasn’t Won A Game Since Nov. 20, 2011

Vince Young Comeback
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Young has not led his team to victory in a game that he started since Nov. 20, 2011 when the Eagles defeated the Giants 17-10. Young won the game, but it would be generous to call him a game manager. The defense played a major role in the victory by limiting the Giants to just 10 points. Young threw three interceptions on the day.

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4. He Has A Vast History Of Off The Field Issues

Vince Young Comeback
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After being booed by his home fans in a game during the 2008 season, Young abandoned the Titans briefly. He disappeared from the team without giving any word. No one knew were Young was and the police were hired to eventually find him after a four-hour search. Since then, he has had financial troubles in addition to his previous mental issues.

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3. He Has An Overrated Arm

Vince Young Comeback
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If you look back at any of his game film, it won’t take you long before you realize that Young doesn’t have the arm to make the tough NFL throws. Young has proven in the past that he can make plays with his arm on the run and over the top of the defense. However, he has never been efficient in throwing the seam passes, the outs, the ins and the skinny posts that have become a staple of the modern day NFL passing game.

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2. He Has Never Been A Student Of The Game

Vince Young Comeback
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Young has won in the past with his legs and with his arm. Can you name or can you find an example of when a coach has pointed to an in-game adjustment or audible by Young that propelled his team to a win? Even off the field, there are absolutely no stories that can be found about his willingness to learn an offense. Now, as his physical skills have somewhat eroded, Young can’t afford to make a comeback without relying at all on the mental aspect of succeeding as a quarterback.

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1. He Has Blown Several Chances Already

Vince Young NFL Chances
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Last summer, after spending 26 days in training camp with the Green Bay Packers, Young could not lock up the backup job and was released. Before that, he attempted to make his comeback on the Buffalo Bills in 2012. Again, he was cut late into training camp and did not make the roster. He is simply running out of teams that will sign him and give him a chance.