NFL Cheerleading Scam is a Joke; Bengals Cheerleader Latest to Tell All

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Bengals Cheerleaders lawsuit scam
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The NFL cheerleading scam has now spread to a second AFC North team as former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Alexa Brenneman has come forward, just like a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader to say that she was taken advantage of while performing as a member of the Ben-Gals. She has made public the rules and regulations for being a Ben-Gal, which are extremely ridiculous and somewhat comical if you’ve never been subject to them.

Here’s an excerpt that Deadspin pulled from the full document:

No panties are to be worn under practice clothes or uniform, not even thong panties. Wear pantyhose to match skin tone (L’eggs). No Danskins/Dance type tights. No control top at practices or games. No exposed skin at ankles — pantyhose must extend down into socks.

No slouching breasts. Support as needed. Black or nude seamless bra mandatory for games. (No lace)

Look, everyone knows cheerleaders are primarily there as sex symbols to the millions of warm-blooded male fans watching the game, so they’re obviously going to be pushed toward as appearing as hot as they possibly can. But “no panties”? That’s crazy, especially the extra line specifically prohibiting thongs.

Now obviously, the main thing that is up for legal debate here is the pay (or lack thereof) to the cheerleaders. Brenneman was only paid $90 per game for the season, which doesn’t include all the required practices, which could be lengthened for specific Ben-Gals who were over their “target weight.” These practices were held twice per week through the season and were anywhere from two and a half to three hours long, assuming you weren’t held over as “punishment.”

Brenneman also said that each cheerleader was required to sing up for at least a dozen non-paid events to be considered for a paid event. Oh, and the Bengals sugarcoated the non-paid gigs as “charity events.” Really nice of them, right?

We can list dozens of other stipulations, including a monitor being a required friend/follower on all social media accounts and a clause that states “ABSOLUTELY NO ARGUING OR QUESTIONING THE PERSON IN AUTHORITY!!!”, the kicker here is the pay. These girls practiced at least 102 hours during the season if their team didn’t make the playoffs, but weren’t paid for any of them. They were only paid for the games at which they were allowed to perform. Sound like a major change in the pay structure among NFL cheerleading organizations is on the horizon? Thought so, especially considering each team makes over $1 million per year off their cheerleaders. C’mon, man.


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