Police Chief Reportedly Stood Up For Richie Incogntio During Investigation

By Andrew Fisher
Richie Incognito
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Has there ever been a sports drama with as many layers? It seems with each passing week that we get new details and more information about the Richie IncognitoJonathan Martin bullying scandal. One week things look bad for Incognito, the next week things look bad for Martin. It’s really anyone’s guess what will come out of the recently concluded investigation by Ted Wells.

Well, we do know one thing that will be included in the report. Thanks to TMZ Sports, a letter from a New Jersey police chief has been released. In the letter, the officer claims to have spent time with Incognito and Martin on the night of a rumored incident.

There’s currently a story floating around the internet about a dinner that Martin supposedly stormed out of. Martin allegedly became upset when Incognito used the n-word and he walked out of the restaurant. However, this police chief claims that never happened. In fact, he claims that Martin was having a good time with the rest of his teammates in attendance (Incognito, Will Yeatman, Anthony Fasano).

Here are a couple of quotes from the letter:

“At no time did I ever hear Ritchie speak condescendingly to or attempt to intimidate Jonathan or anyone else at this restaurant.”

“They have always appeared to me (Incognito and Martin) to have a close and amiable relationship — very much like best friends.”

With Incognito’s latest comments about the truth ‘burying’ Martin, these statements from the officer really make you think — has this whole thing just been blown out of proportion? Were many of us too quick to label Incognito as a bully?

We’ll hopefully find out soon.


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