Finding a Pass Rusher Needs to be a Main Priority For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles did a lot of things well on both sides of the ball last season. Rushing the passer was not one of them. They simply lacked a dynamic presence off the edge that could change games with a sack or a forced fumble.

It is a component that every elite defense craves and the Eagles were starving for it all season long. It must be Eagles general manager Howie Roseman and the company’s main priority in the offseason. There are certainly plenty of options available in both the free agent and draft pool to improve an anemic Eagles pass rush.

In free agency Greg Hardy will be the apple of everyone’s eye. He is fresh off of a 15-sack season where he was a dominant force off the edge for the Carolina Panthers. He did it all. Set the edge in the run game. Got after the quarterback. Affected passing lines. He was a menace.

Add in the fact that he is only 25 years old to boot and he is in for a huge payday. Roseman has recently said he wants to shy away from the days of big splashes in free agency after the disaster of a few seasons ago.

This may be the exception. Hardy would come in and instantly give the Eagles the pass rushing presence they so desperately need. At only 25, he would be part of the Eagles’ long term future, not just a quick band aid signing.

It seems like a slam dunk. Hardy may price himself out of becoming an Eagle with hefty contract demands though. Regardless, the Eagles need to go all out in acquiring a young, dynamic pass rusher off the edge. Trent Cole‘s time is up. It’s time for new blood.

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