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Predicting Oakland Raiders’ 5 Biggest Free Agency Moves

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Oakland Raiders' Free Agency Moves

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The Oakland Raiders are going to be the busiest team when this offseason starts. They have arranged for all of their dead money and bad contracts to come off the books this season. They are going into the offseason with over $70 million in cap space. That is a lot of money to work with.

The Raiders will make a few splashes when it comes to the market. Although Oakland is not the prime team like it used to be, so money talks. They could end up being a surprise team depending on how the offseason goes.

This team could really use help at every position. There is no way that they can address every position of need in one offseason. There are going to be spots left off this list that you may disagree with.

Just a spoiler: there will be no quarterback on this list. I feel as if they are going to go with a rookie and Terrelle Pryor as the main guys. Who starts is still up in the air, but the fact is there is nobody in free agency worth going after. They also probably learned their lesson from the Matt Flynn fiasco last season.

There are going to be a lot of players who get looked at by the Raiders. Many of them may get offers that they cannot refuse. There are going to be many new players who are going to don the silver and black in 2014. These are the five most likely Oakland Raiders moves in free agency.

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5. Hakeem Nicks

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Hakeem Nicks could not be coming into an offseason from a worse season. 172 players scored multiple touchdowns this past season, and Nicks could not score one. That said, he is still an exceptional talent. The Raiders would love to have him on their team to help the young QBs they bring in. He won't get as much as people thought he would, but he is still getting paid.

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4. Jordan Gross

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Jordan Gross is not the flashy name many Raiders fans may want, but the offensive line needs to be addressed. Gross has been in charge of keeping Cam Newton clean. He will be sorely missed when he is helping whoever falls down to the Raiders in the first round clean for the next few years. He is the anchor on the line that this team needs.

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3. Jonathan Babineaux

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The Atlanta Falcons are going to be cutting some money off the cap this season. Jonathan Babineaux could anchor the defensive line, just like how Gross is the anchor of the O-line. Defensive tackles don't get all the stats, but they could be the most important players on that side of the ball. He will be the start of a new era in Oakland.

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2. Jairus Byrd

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It seems many teams could really use help at the back of their defense. Of course, the Raiders are one of them. Jairus Byrd missed a few games this season, but he played 16 every year in the previous three. His ball hawking ability would go nicely on that defense. The fact that he was the only good player in that secondary made what he did these past five years even more special.

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1. Brian Orakpo

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This would be my no. 1 target if I were the Raiders. Orakpo is a pass rushing outside linebacker that has shown great leadership skills is the total package for what is going to be a young team. He was the underdog that won the division and the favorite that had a terrible season. He will be ready for anything that the Black Hole has to offer. Management will be salivating to put him in a Raiders uniform.