The Richie Incognito Scandal Is Worst Moment In Miami Dolphins' History

By Brian Kalchik
Richie Incognito Gets The Most Blame For Bullying Scandal
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For a team that boasts the only perfect season in NFL history and had one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in Dan Marino along with the winningest coach in NFL history in Don Shula, the Richie Incognito scandal has been the worst moment in Miami Dolphins‘ history. The actions of Incognito along with fellow linemen John Jerry, Maurkice Pouncey and offensive line coach Jim Turner towards Jonathan Martin, another unnamed offensive lineman and a Dolphins staff assistant make up the most disgraceful locker room scandal in the history of the NFL.

What is continually befuddling me is that there are still many supporters of Incognito who absolve him of any blame when the text messages and reports suggest otherwise. Just having Incognito as the official leader of the Dolphins’ locker room and other black players calling Incognito an “honorary black guy” shows just how far this organization and that locker room has spiraled downward. Martin was justified in leaving the Dolphins as I can guarantee no other person would want to stay around that “toxic” atmosphere.

Only a small part of the situation was absolved as controversial GM Jeff Ireland, who was also known for his questionable behavior, was fired this offseason. There will be plenty of other dominoes still to topple, including Incognito’s immediate release that will be sooner rather than later, the status of both Jerry and Pro Bowl center Pouncey with the Dolphins and what should be the immediate firing of Turner this very second.

The Dolphins have had plenty of great moments. From the “Perfect Season” to their second consecutive championship the next year, the “Fake Spike” game, beating the previously undefeated 1985 Chicago Bears and their 1984 Super Bowl run: All of these great moments take a backseat to what occurred this past season with the Dolphins. This scandal has embarrassingly tarnished every current and former Miami Dolphin player, fan and staff member, and the fallout of the recent report is just beginning.

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