New England Patriots Rumors: Signing Hakeem Nicks Would Ruin Team

Hakeem Nicks New York Giants

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There’s a reason why New York Giants fans aren’t throwing a fit to re-sign unrestricted free agent wide receiver Hakeem Nicks as soon as possible. It’s obvious over at this point that Nicks just isn’t the dominant NFL All-Pro that many penciled him to be earlier in his career. Instead, words like “overrated” and “lazy” are used to describe Nicks on a regular basis and the wide receiver’s stock has taken a severe hit in the process.

Moreover, NFL teams are always desperate for a play-making wide receiver, so it’s no surprise to hear the New England Patriots are set to make a play on the Super Bowl champion come March 1st. Look, Nicks might seem like an ideal fit for Tom Brady‘s offense considering No. 88′s speed and size, but let’s not complicate this for the folks in Foxborough:

Hakeem Nicks is on the decline.

Sure, 26 years old might sound very young, but one look at Nick’s games played statistic and you can see first-hand that his durability has always been a large question mark. Besides, New England already decided to take a risk on an injury prone Danny Amendola last spring. Rolling the dice on Amendola was questionable enough, but throwing Nicks a two-year deal worth $10 or more would be the definition of the Pats shooting themselves in the foot.

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  • TomPained

    I didn’t realize there was any interest in the guy from Bill.

    Regardless, there are better receivers out there for probably not that much more. Pittsburgh’s Sanders comes to mind. As the writer says, one Amendola is enough. We were just lucky that this was the year Edelmann broke his streak of incomplete seasons due to injury.

    • trista niap

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  • Josh006

    This article is ridiculous and its author appears to be an INCREDIBLY IGNORANT FOOL! Nicks has had injury issues and given his early dominance in the league, he attracts much attention from opposing DBs. This then has allowed Victor Cruz to shine and pad his stats. This obviously doesn’t do much to assuage a strained relationship with the organization, who apparently has chosen to shower Cruz with love at his expense.

    Regardless, let’s look at the Patriots most dominate offensive performance in the Brady era, okay? Pretty sure that the team just brought on a wide receiver widely considered one of the most troublesome and distracting players in the league (aside from T.O.) named Randy Moss, whom many considered in his “decline” in Oakland. Hakeem Nicks is the same type of deal dude, and is HANDS DOWN the best potential free agent pickup out there right now (not counting the retention of current players on the roster, most notably Aqib Talib).

    People REALLY need to get over the “pass rush issues”- I am sure,Tuck or Allen would be awesome additions, but Nikovich is the man and BB really believes in Armstead; D’Qwell Jackson would be great, but we have Mayo-Hightower-Collins ready to go… Is LB a hole desperately needed to be filled?). The Patriots defense, when actually healthy, is in pretty good shape. Brady, as we reach the later stages of his career, needs REAL receivers. Amendola, healthy or no, and a bunch of kids are simply no acceptable toys. Edelman is serviceable, and we all know Gronk is the truly elite option, nut he’s not always on the field. Sanders is fast, but not a prototype of a known fit. Decker would probably work, but he’s going to be darn expensive, and would really be good to fill the Welker/Edelman slot role. Nicks would be IDEAL as a deep threat, the missing piece.

    Thus again I say, Mr. O’Barr, you are an IDIOT.