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Predicting The Seattle Seahawks’ 5 Biggest Free Agency Moves

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Predicting The 5 Biggest Free Agency Moves

Seattle Seahawks
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The Seattle Seahawks may have won Super Bowl XLVIII, but they’ll have to work to keep everyone.

The Seahawks have some of their top players becoming free agents this year, which makes their offseason interesting. That’s probably an understatement. Whether or not they stay together or break apart as fast as the Baltimore Ravens did after they won Super Bowl XLVII in 2012 is still undetermined. However, what they do this offseason would have lasting effects, because many of their premier players entering the free agent market are from their storied “Legion of Boom” defense. The Seahawks have the power necessary to return to the Super Bowl next season, if they can keep the talent.

They cannot afford their offensive line to lose anyone, especially if they expect to keep QB Russell Wilson in the pocket. Wilson enjoyed a lot of good protection this season that could be gone, depending on how the Seahawk's front office handles their money. The time is now to start handing those guys contracts, not when other teams start waiving more money in their faces.

The Seahawks have a chance to bring about a West Coast Renaissance that rivals those of the San Fransisco 49ers era. Is that saying a lot? Probably so. After seeing how they played this past season, I'm almost a believer.

I could be speaking blasphemous right now due to the fact I'm a die-hard Washington Redskins fan.

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5. Seahawks Left Tackle Paul McQuistan

Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks left tackle Paul McQuistan is also due to enter free agency; his cap hit last season was $3,375,000. He and right tackle Breno Giacomini are going to be the most interesting free agent talks in the Seahawks camp because of pass protection, a pivotal element in the Seahawks’ success this season.

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4. Linebacker Obrian Scofield Could Be The First To Go

Seattle Seahawks
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O'Brien Schofield could be the x-factor here. With only seven tackles and one sack, he’s not the most effective part of this team, but he's still $900,000 in the cap hit. He may be the first to go.

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3. Wide Receiver Golden Tate

Seattle Seahawks
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Then there's wide receiver Golden Tate. Ending the 2013 season with 898 yards and five touchdowns, Tate’s $880,000 could be an interesting bargaining chip. He was targeted 31 more times this season in comparison to 2012, and has improved every season since he joined the team in 2010.

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2. LB Michael Bennett Will Be Back

Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett leads the team in cap hits with $4,800,000 and in sacks averaging 8.5. It would be a surprise if they let him go, but I don't think that will be the case. Bennett still has a lot to contribute to the defense and can provide essential leadership entering the NFL 2014 season.

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1. Breno Giacomini's Branding May Save Him

Seattle Seahawks
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Finally, the last in line with a cap hit of $4,750,000 is Right tackle Breno Giacomini. However, he doesn’t seem to be worried due to the fact he’s in and out of the country conducting sports camps. He's going beyond the NFL brand and is making a name for himself beyond the Seahawks field. I don't think he's going anywhere for 2014, but he could be a topic of discussion.