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5 Seattle Seahawks Who Mean The Most To The Team’s Future

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5 Seattle Seahawks Who Mean The Most To The Team’s Future

Seattle Seahawks
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The Seattle Seahawks are sitting atop the NFL mountain right now. They are where every other team wants to be: celebrating a Super Bowl win. But as soon as they won the title, the questions started to swirl as to whether they have a team that is built to last or if they are destined to go down as a pro football one hit wonder.

If Seattle wants to avoid the fate of so many teams that overachieved for a few months and won a title only to find themselves falling back to the rest of the pack quickly, they need to identify which players on the roster have what it takes to build a dynasty around.

Not surprisingly, the search for pillars of the future in Seattle begins on the defensive side. They were so dominant defensively last season that any talk about the future has to start with which defensive players are the key to keeping them so dominant on the that side of the ball.

But in today’s NFL you need a good offense to be consistently good, too. Remember, while that defense stole the show in the Super Bowl, the offense did plenty as well. They have a good quarterback, but do they have enough offensive firepower around him to get back to the big game in the future?

Times are good in Seattle right now, but they know how quickly things can change in the NFL. If they want to look forward to a future that includes more titles, they need to focus on these five players who mean the most to the team’s future.

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5. Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas Seattle Seahawks
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The present success of the Seahawks is built around the defense, and so will any future success. Earl Thomas, one of the best playmaking safeties in the league, is the unsung hero of that defense. He is the key for it all working so well together, sitting back keeping the big play out of the picture while his teammates fly around in front of him.

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4. Kam Chancellor

Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks
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The backbone of the best defense in the league is their playmaking defensive backs, and the backbone of that group the is hard-hitting Kam Chancellor. The other half of the best safety group in the NFL, he looks like a linebacker playing defensive back sometimes the way he loves to go for the big hit over the middle.

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3. Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner Seattle Seahawks
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A tackling machine, linebacker Bobby Wagner has racked up 260 tackles in just two years as a pro. Already one of the most reliable defensive players in the league, Wagner is the type of versatile linebacker that teams are building around right now.

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2. Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks
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Not only the most outspoken player on the defense, cornerback Richard Sherman is the best cover guy in the league. The key to so much of what the Seahawks do strategically on that side of the ball, Sherman can single-handedly change a game just by being on the field.

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1. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks
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The defense may be what won them the Super Bowl this year, but the future of the Seahawks rests firmly on the shoulders of quarterback Russell Wilson. Underrated coming into the league, if Wilson can prove that his success last season wasn't a fluke then the rest of the team can do the same.