Baltimore Ravens Should Look For WR in Draft, Not Free Agency

By Jermaine Lockett
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Rumor has it, with all of the wide receivers hitting the free agency this year, it is a buyer’s market. While there are a few nice options out there, I believe that the price may be too steep to bring in the right fit for the Baltimore Ravens and they need to keep their eyes on the Draft to secure the next big starting WR.

Sure, Baltimore could try and convince Anquan Boldin to serve another stint with the black and purple. However, with the way the nasty divorce went last year I highly doubt that is in the foreseeable future unless the price is right. With Boldin’s ego, the price will be steep. He still believes he is one of the top receivers in the league but last year there were games where he disappeared on the stat chart.

Eric Decker may seem like an attractive option but I think Peyton Manning had more to do with his stats last year than pure talent. Some good examples of this are Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon. They both shined under Manning but when they went to other teams they either disappeared, got injured or were a one-trick pony.

There are other guys out there set to hit the market but Baltimore would not only be paying top dollar for their services, they’d also be paying to deal with their celebrity drama status. Bringing in a young talent via the Draft has a downside as well. While teams may not be getting the Diva personality (depending on the player) when drafting WRs, they also don’t get the experience that veterans bring. Now that the Ravens have cleared up some cap space with Terrell Suggs’ contract extension, which route will Ozzie Newsome choose? Will he bring in a seasoned, expensive veteran to fill the Ravens’ void at receiver or will he draft a receiver in the first round?

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