Richie Incognito's Twitter Apology is Shameful

By Brian Anderson
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of the Ted Wells Report, Richie Incognito is under more pressure than he has ever endured in his life. The media is not making life easy for him, but he deserves all the negative feedback pumped out by writers and media outlets worldwide. Jonathan Martin is clearly the victim of the abuse here, but the way he has handled the entire situation deserves to be questioned as well.

As the damage wears down on Incognito’s weakening emotional state, he has lashed out on Twitter with multiple aggressive messages. His social-media rampage continued on Monday, but this time Incognito sang to a different tune. He was apologetic, maybe even a bit remorseful, but most of all — maybe too late.

The timing of his messages is not all too great, not with all your dirty laundry hanging high for the world to see. It is a bad situation, and Incognito has many self-inflicted wounds. If anyone were to believe that he was sincere in his apology would be highly mistaken. I am sure his sappy tweets are just a way to tuck his tail between his legs and take the beating that is coming. A move that also keeps his NFL dreams alive.

Incognito will be a hard sell to, but I am sure someone will eventually buy in. Mostly because his actions are common in locker rooms across the league. It is a gritty choice to dedicate your life to such a tough profession. Football is a land of gladiators and many of these guys have no fear of what the repercussions are for foul play.

Roger Goodell will come down hard to everyone involved. Incognito could have to miss more games after already being suspended in November when the story initially broke. Regardless of the outcome, Incognito will most likely keep his mouth shut for the duration. Although, the worst damage may already be done.

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