Video of Marshawn Lynch Laying a Kid Out at AFWB Football Camp is Hilarious

By RanterX

This time of year, there are several NFL players in Rio de Janeiro at the American Football Without Barriers (AFWB) camp teaching youngsters about the greatest game in the world. The camp visited China in march of 2013 and is now

making a splash (or hit) in Rio, the site of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Seattle Seahawks running back and Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch is one of the 14 players providing the “training” and judging by the video above, it’s safe to say he’s providing the most authentic experience for the campers.

In the video, it appears Lynch is providing what is commonly known as a chip block, although if this is a drill for running backs, he could just be showing the campers what an average bump from an NFL linebacker feels like. But unlike the second camper in the video, the first one isn’t really prepared for this type of lick.

After Lynch lays the kid out, he looks surprised and somewhat worried until the camper hops up and continues out of the frame. Lynch definitely isn’t fazed at that point as he flexes his chest and then pops the next camper with the same force, although this one doesn’t go flying across the screen.

So Marshawn gets bowed, a camper gets throwed (not in the alcoholic sense) and we learn what Mr. Lynch already told us: He’s just about that action, boss.

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