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5 Indianapolis Colts Who Mean The Most To The Team’s Future

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5 Indianapolis Colts Who Mean The Most To The Team’s Future

Indianapolis Colts
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The Indianapolis Colts made one of the quickest turnarounds in league history a few years ago. After competing for titles for over a decade with Peyton Manning, all it took them was one year to completely change the roster over and start a new era with their new franchise signal-caller, Andrew Luck.

This new squad is still a work in progress. Despite making the playoffs the first two years Luck has been in the league, their roster is full of both young players trying to live up to their potential and older players trying to hold onto theirs.

The future of the Colts is still a question mark. Do they have the young players they need to put a reliable contender on the field every year? Or is the success of Luck and the gang early in his career just a byproduct of the holdovers from the old version of the Colts?

We’ll get our answers in the years to come, but what we do know is that there are some good young players who will be the keys to finding answers to those questions that make the Colts' faithful smile.

Not surprisingly, most of those players come on the offensive side. At this point one might wonder if the Colts are allergic to investing in their defense, but that is where most of the older players still trying to be productive are located.

The offense is ready to move forward into the future, but the defense might just hold Indy back from competing once again.

Whatever the Colts' future may be, it will depend on these five players.

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5. Coby Fleener

Coby Fleener Indianapolis Colts
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Tight end Coby Fleener has shown some real potential since the Colts took him in the second round of the 2012 draft. With 78 total catches and six touchdowns in two years, the Colts are hoping he can take that next step and really put it all together going forward.

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4. Jerrell Freeman

Jerrell Freeman Indianapolis Colts
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The Colts need someone to step up and be the future on defense, and linebacker Jerrell Freeman is that guy. Having racked up 271 tackles in two years with the Colts, Freeman is the one young bright spot they have on a defense that is light years behind the offense.

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3. T.Y. Hilton

T.Y. Hilton Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis doesn't have many reliable weapons for Andrew Luck to throw to, but T.Y. Hilton has been the one steady producer the last couple of years. A shifty, quick slot type, he's the new prototype for the kind of receiver who can lead an offense and move the ball by making big plays.

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2. Anthony Castonzo

Anthony Castonzo Indianapolis Colts
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Anthony Casonzo has been protecting Luck's blindside since he came into the league two years ago. A good lineman who is getting better, the Colts need Castonzo to be the rock that anchors their offensive line for years to come.

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1. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts
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I write a lot of these lists, they're a ton of fun to put together, but this might be the easiest No. 1 choice I've ever made. Luck is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, and the fortunes of the Colts lie squarely on his shoulders. If he can take that next step and be an elite quarterback, then the Colts can take that next step and be an elite team.