Richie Incognito: Even Fans Don't Want Miami Dolphins Guard

By Brandon Cavanaugh
Richie Incognito not wanted by fans
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Once again, Richie Incognito shows that common sense isn’t one of his fortes. He deleted his Twitter account, perhaps the most positive step he’s taken in months, but then the former Miami Dolphins guard decided to open one back up to issue an apology.


Well, I’m convinced. Clearly Incognito’s changed his ways in the span of a few days. Interestingly enough, he becomes an unrestricted free agent next month. An appropriate thread began on’s NFL subforum posing the question of whether or not fans of teams lacking guards would sign the controversial player.

“He was a scumbag long before the whole bullying thing. I don’t want any player that intentionally tries to injure other players. Does anyone remember the incident with him rolling on Antonio Smith‘s ankle over and over? Smith literally had to kick him off to keep him from hurting his ankle.” – 2busy2blizzy (New England Patriots fan)

“We need two guards. No.” – gthec9909 (Miami Dolphins fan)

“I’d hope that Reese would steer clear of him. We need a guard badly, but not one who’s that [expletive] stupid” – KingDusty (New York Giants fan)

“No, and given the Colts’ depth on o-line, that’s saying something.” – GoogleBetaTester (Indianapolis Colts fan)

The potential locker room discord and on the field antics are enough for fans to condemn him before a contract is even proposed. Any NFL organization that takes a chance on him is simply risking subtraction by addition.

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