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5 Offseason Moves Jerry Jones Should Make But Won’t

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Offseason Moves Jerry Jones Should Make But Won't

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys make a lot of changes, yet every change ends with the same result. They change head coaches, coordinators, players and even stadiums, but they remain mediocre. The man that makes all these changes is the owner and general manager Jerry Jones, which ironically, is the only thing that has not changed.

Every Cowboys fan knows Jerry, the Owner, is not going anywhere, and he is not going to fire Jerry, the general manager. If Jerry is not going to change, then where does the hope of Cowboys fans lie?

We know that Jerry has decided to keep head coach Jason Garrett for at least one more season. There are new offensive and defensive coordinators, but last year’s coordinators are still there too, so I don’t expect much difference in coaching style in 2014.

As far as signing impact free agents, that is not likely either considering that Dallas is currently about $31 million over the salary cap. Dallas is going to have enough trouble moving enough money around to get under the cap. The biggest free agent decisions in Dallas will be which ones of their own to re-sign.

There is always the NFL Draft as an option to improve the team, but given Jerry’s track record, Cowboys fans should not hold their breath that Dallas will rake in the talent in May. If Dallas finds even a couple of contributors out of the draft, then Cowboys fans would probably see it as an actual victory, not just a “moral victory” that Jerry sometimes likes to talk about.

As a Cowboys fan, it looks pretty bleak. However, I have some good news for you. I have come up with five moves that Jerry Jones should make this offseason. These moves would brighten the future for the Cowboys and their fans. Unfortunately, I also have some bad news for you. More than likely, Jerry will not make any of these moves.

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Lower Ticket Prices

Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones
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While this would not help the on-field product, what it would do is show that Jerry realizes the team is not elite. Charging $75 to park and having some of the highest ticket prices in the NFL is not something a mediocre football team should be doing.

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Give Stephen Jones More Power

Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
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We all know that Jerry is always going to make the final decisions and he is not going to hire a GM. But, why not let someone else have a major say in the decision process? Who better than his own son? Stephen Jones might not make all the right decisions either, but could he really do any worse?

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Draft a QB

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
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It doesn’t have to be an early pick, but the Cowboys must draft a QB. Tony Romo is 34 years old and coming off a second back surgery. Realistically, how much longer does he have left in his career? It is time to start thinking about life after Tony, and it needs to start now.

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Draft the Best Player Available

NFL Draft, Dallas Cowboys
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Jerry cannot stand to just stay in his draft spot and take the best available player. He has to be a wheeler and dealer. He must move up or trade back. He thinks he is out-smarting everyone else, but more often than not, he just out-smarts himself.

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Cut Demarcus Ware

Demarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys
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This would be an extremely hard decision for Jerry to make. Demarcus Ware has been a great player, and an even better person. However, the NFL is a business. It is not good business to continue overpaying an aging DL who is on the downside of his career.