Denver Broncos Best Served to Pass on Re-Signing Eric Decker, Knowshon Moreno

By Andrew Fisher
Knowshon Moreno
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Although they’re still reeling from a crushing defeat in the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos are already getting back to business. Free agency starts in just under three weeks and the Broncos have some very difficult decisions to make. Most notably, Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno are both up for contract renewals. The common thought is that there’s not enough money for both guys in Denver, but I’m not sure there’s even enough money for one of them.

When it comes to Moreno, it’s not that the Broncos wouldn’t like to have him back. He’s coming off a great season and he proved that he’s worthy of a starting spot. But the Broncos already have two young running backs under contract in Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball. I believe that they’re capable of carrying the load (at a much cheaper price) and therefore re-signing Moreno is unnecessary.

As for Decker, he’s definitely a receiver Denver would like to have back on the roster. He’ll get an offer to re-sign, I’m just not sure it will even be close to what he’s offered elsewhere. Decker has more value outside of Denver than he does in it.

Looking at the Broncos as a whole, the offense is clearly not the problem. The team can withstand the losses of both Moreno and Decker. With the money saved by not re-signing the RB and WR, the team can spend more on its defense, the unit clearly in need of some additions. On top of that, building up the offensive line wouldn’t be a terrible idea either. You can never have enough quality guys in there to protect Peyton Manning.

So as much as Broncos fans would like to have both Moreno and Decker back, it’s just not likely to happen. I’ll be surprised if either one returns, but Decker is more likely to re-sign than Moreno.


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