LeBron James Actually Has Good Advice for Tony Romo

By Jeric Griffin
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He’s not the most humble guy in the world and he definitely has loyalty issues, so it’s no surprise that LeBron James’ favorite NFL team isn’t the Cleveland Browns, although he grew up 45 minutes from there. He’s a Dallas Cowboys fan and he obviously doesn’t think Tony Romo is the problem in Big D, which is refreshing since many football “experts” believe the contrary. So when LeBron gave Romo advice about dealing with haters, we were skeptical, but what he had to say was actually beneficial for the Cowboys’ signal-caller.

“Don’t watch ESPN.”

That was the basis of a LeBron’s statement, which was basically just telling Romo to keep working hard and not pay attention to what the doubters say because they’ve never been in his shoes. From a distance, it just seems like LeBron is telling Romo to act like him: a selfish, overrated NBA star. However, considering the fact Romo plays quarterback for the Cowboys and not one of the other 31 NFL teams, it make sense.

Let’s reiterate again that Romo is not the problem in Dallas. If you believe that, you shouldn’t be allowed to watch football ever again because that’s simply foolish. On the contrary, Romo often has to overcome the failures of his organization and he sometimes isn’t able to single-handedly pull it off, which should be expected of anyone in his situation. He’s been asked to quarterback a team with so many holes it’s impossible to fix in one offseason, although Jerry Jones hasn’t been able to do it for almost 20 years now with all the offseasons during that stretch. However, Romo is publicly crucified when he comes up short, although no blame is put on Jones or Dallas’ pathetic excuse for a coaching staff, which is where it belongs. And, like LeBron said, most of the time that ignorant talk comes from folks on networks like ESPN who don’t believe half the things that come out of their mouths, although they’re paid to say them on television.

Now, was LeBron taking a shot at ESPN? No, but when the general public thinks of sports talk shows on TV, that’s the first network that comes to mind. So LeBron was basically just telling Romo not to pay attention to the asinine notion that he is the problem in Dallas. Fortunately for true Cowboys fans, Romo doesn’t have a problem with that, but one might say it was nice of LeBron to pass on his words of wisdom, which actually apply perfectly to Romo, regardless of the self-proclaimed King’s intention, which may have been misinterpreted by some:

Now it’s safe to say shots have been fired, although none of this really applies to Romo anymore. Oh, well — Jerry is happy as long as the Cowboys are still relevant.

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