Oakland Raiders Rumors: Terrelle Pryor on the Trading Block?

Terrelle Pryor

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By the end of the 2013 season, it became clear the Oakland Raiders had lost interest in quarterback Terrelle Pryor. He was benched in favor of undrafted rookie Matt McGloin as the coaching staff appeared to have given up on the project passer.

If that’s the case, there’s a significant change that Pryor is on the trading block heading into the 2014 offseason. If anything, the Raiders are at least listening to any offers that might float their way for the dual threat quarterback.

According to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times, the Raiders “will listen to offers” for Pryor.

While it’s hard to believe the Raiders would get anything more than a late-round pick for the Ohio State product, they would be glad to get anything for Pryor if they really have given up on the 2011 supplemental draft third-round pick.

In all reality, moving Pryor makes sense for the Raiders. He obviously fell out of favor in 2013 after McGloin displayed more polish as a passer. Pryor brings more excitement and athleticism to the table, but is a serious liability when he puts the ball in the air. Especially with GM Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen on the hot seat heading into 2014, they can’t afford to trust a raw quarterback with their jobs.

Pryor was the final mistake of the late Al Davis. With the current staff attempting to move into a new era of Raiders football, they must continue to clean up the mess that Davis left behind. Pryor has proven that he’s not their future at quarterback, so why not get something in return for him and move on?

There’s a good chance the Raiders don’t get too many offers for Pryor, but it’s not unrealistic. If a team like the Philadelphia Eagles is looking for a read-option quarterback, Oakland could be in luck. We’ll see what happens as the offseason rolls along.

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  • Harley Stewart

    Your analysis is horrible. Terrelle Pryor was not a mistake. Seems like Al Davis was the only one with vision in the organization. Keep watching, Dual-threat QBs are going to increase in the league. This year the Superbowl was won by a team with a strong defense and a Dual-threat QB.

    • Gil Alcaraz IV

      The Super Bowl was won this year by a QB who can run AS WELL AS pass. Russell Wilson is athletic, but has an NFL arm. Terrelle Pryor doesn’t. Being able to throw the football with accuracy and consistency is kind of important to being an NFL quarterback. You can keep telling yourself Pryor wasn’t a mistake, but there’s a reason the Raiders already gave up on him.

      • Harley Stewart

        I think the reason they gave up on him is because of lack of vision. You forget that Terrelle Pryor had to play behind a banged up offensive line. I don’t care who the QB is, without good protection they all look mediocre at best. This was TPs first year starting, go back and check Payton Manning’s numbers his first year that he started, they are about the same. I guess time will tell, but someone will pick TP up and with the right team he will be good. I think its easier to go the “Pocket Passer” route because it is traditional these days. Another thing that you are missing is the defense. You and most of the media act as if the game is fully won or lost by the QB, in fact it isn’t. Having a good QB is important, but having a good team is more important. Do you remember Joe Flacco during his first year as a starter? He was good at times and not so good at times. The team remained competitive because they had a great defense. TP can run AS WELL AS pass. He just needs the support of his coaches to do so. Do you remember they started off with Flynn?? Do you call that support? No, he was the best option and they figured he gave them the best chance to win. Imagine if he would have had the support of his coaches coming into camp. Imagine if the defense would have been good. I guess time will tell, but mark my word — TP will be successful somewhere. Even if he doesn’t, the league is changing, most of the incoming QBs are athletic. Russel Wilson, Colin Capernick, Andrew Luck. Cam Newton and the list goes on. Everyone knows it is much harder to defend a dual-threat QB than a pocket passer. I disagree with your opinion along with that of the Raiders. TP wasn’t a mistake.