Philadelphia Eagles’ Starting Five If They Were A Basketball Team

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If Philadelphia Eagles Were A Basketball Team: Starting Five

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A professional athlete is one of the most talented people in the world. Whether it's quickness, strength, endurance or just overall athleticism, athletes have a rare skill set and display it every single night. Some athletes are so talented that they could even play more than one sport. Everyone has teased the idea of LeBron James running a post over the middle, or even Calvin Johnson taking his talents to the court. As likely as these events aren't to happen, fans always wonder what would happen if their favorite team or players starred in another sport. For teams like the Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville Jaguars, their fans probably hope they'll try to take on another sport someday.

So, what would a starting five look like if the Philadelphia Eagles were a basketball team?

It seems like an irrelevant question, but it is something that fans could think about. The NFL is a league full of talented players, and the Eagles don't lack these high-caliber talents. There are plenty of players for the Eagles that have basketball experience and are athletic enough to compete on the court. Some of these players were skilled enough to receive national recognition for their performances.

Although we will never see any of these players put on a basketball uniform, it doesn't mean a starting five couldn't be picked from Philadelphia's roster. There is one rule to make the cut on Philadelphia's basketball roster. The players chosen must have played either high school or collegiate basketball to make the team. Out of those players, those who were most successful will make the starting squad.

So, without further ado, here is the starting five for the Eagles' basketball team.

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Brandon Boykin: Point Guard

Brandon Boykin
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Last season, Brandon Boykin enjoyed a breakout campaign with Philadelphia, recording six interceptions. With the potential of a lock-down cornerback, Boykin would fit in the point guard role. He played for his high school team where he averaged 18 points and five assists, leading them to a state championship. He was also seen throwing down some serious dunks at the Eagles' Celebrity Basketball Game last year.

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Jeremy Maclin: Shooting Guard

Jeremy Maclin
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Despite coming off an ACL tear, Jeremy Maclin would still make the roster as the shooting guard based on his basketball history and his athleticism. He played in high school, where he was known for his 3-point shooting.

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Nick Foles: Small Forward

Nick Foles
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It's hard to believe that Nick Foles had the breakout campaign he did in 2013 with Philadelphia as the quarterback. What's even more shocking is how he was recruited in high school by Division I schools for his basketball talents. He was twice named MVP in high school. The leader of this football team would be the best player on the court for the Eagles.

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Connor Barwin: Power Forward

Connor Barwin
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If Connor Barwin's talents in basketball prove anything, it's that looks can be deceiving. Looking nothing like a basketball player, Barwin played both football and basketball in college. He played in a backup role until his junior year. Despite not being a starter, Barwin showed that he can be an athlete on the court.

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Zach Ertz: Center

Zach Ertz
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This is where the roster becomes more like an NBA All-Star team, where there are three forwards and no center. At 6-foot-6, Zach Ertz may be undersized to play center. However, his leaping ability to catch the ball and strength would allow him to have some success in the paint. He also played high school basketball.

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