Shocking Video of Ray Rice Allegedly Dragging Unconscious Fiancee Surfaces

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Rice
Andrew Weber – USA TODAY Sports

Things already looked bad for Ray Rice after he was arrested this past weekend. The Baltimore Ravens running back and his fiancee were both arrested after a physical spat at a night club, but the incident was downplayed by Rice’s camp. But now potentially damning evidence has emerged from the night club.

Check out this shocking video where Rice is allegedly dragging his unconscious fiancee across the ground. This corroborates the stories of three witnesses, who say that Rice uppercut his fiancee after she spit on him:

All you can really say after watching that is wow.

I’m hoping that it’s not Rice in the video, but it seems highly unlikely. The man in the video fits Rice’s physical description and there are eye-witness accounts that explain what was on the footage. Given these potential new details as to what really happened, it makes you wonder if the RB’s future in Baltimore could be in jeopardy.

First and foremost, the legal system needs to run its course in this case. If he knocked his girlfriend out, he needs to pay for that. That’s a deed that should never go unpunished. If he’s found to be guilty of such a crime, I don’t see how the Ravens would still want to be associated with him.

For what it’s worth, Rice is still under contract in Baltimore for three more seasons. However, he’s only due about $5 million more in guaranteed money.

We’ll just have to wait and see how everything shakes out and if the man in the video turns out to be Ray Rice.


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