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5 Baltimore Ravens Who Must Be Kicked to the Curb Before Free Agency

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5 Baltimore Ravens Who Must Be Kicked to Curb Before Free Agency

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When it comes to the current Baltimore Ravens’ roster there are a few guys on the team who could be considered dead weight; some could even be considered overrated and then there are those gems that everyone wants to see rise to the top of a depth chart, but there are one or two players who are still at the top of their game, holding them back from play time. In order to give the team or the player their best chance at success, the ties have to be cut.

I said team and player because as cutthroat as this business is, GMs and coaches do generally care about the personnel they invite to be part of the organization and even though they weren’t the best fit for the Ravens, Ozzie Newsome wants to see these players excel somewhere in the league. He obviously saw potential which is why he brought them in.

When it comes to the players who are “dead weight”, Newsome brought them in thinking that they could produce early and big for the Ravens. Newsome and John Harbaugh may have seen that this stage is too big for the player. They should probably move on to other things like playing checkers for a living.

Last but not least, there are the overrated players. These are players who have done well but not enough to make them worth signing a major deal, even though other teams are ready to pull out the checkbook. Getting rid of them before their agent makes them a headache for your team sounds like a smart decision.

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5. Adrian Hamilton is Too Good to Ride the Bench

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Hamilton showed flashes of greatness during his short time with the Dallas Cowboys and even blew it up in college with a whopping 22 sacks in one season. He deserves a real chance to start, but with Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs hogging up all of the starter action, that will never happen unless with another team.

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4. Albert McClellan is Buried on the Depth Chart

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Here is another player who produces when on the field, but has limited opportunities due to the depth at OLB. On any other team he would shine, but in Baltimore he is a ghost.

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3. Kyle Juszczyk is a FB That Can't Block

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There is a reason Vonta Leach is back in the fold. No team needs two FBs, or in this case, one and whatever Juszczyk claims to be because he sure isn't a full back

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2. Brynden Trawick Should Consider Another Career

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We all remember this horrible moment when a no-name special teams player put Jacoby Jones out for five weeks of the 2013 season. We all know his name now. Brynden Trawick obviously has poor field vision judging from the train-wreck above. While his ability to crash into his own teammates is uncanny, his skill as a safety is non-existent. He should just resign and move on to another chapter in his life.

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1. Jameel McClain will Hurt the 2015 Salary Cap if Kept

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With the depth at MLB, the Ravens can dodge the big contract buildup in 2015 by releasing McClain now. He is good, but is he really worth signing long-term for big money? The Ravens have Arthur Brown and Josh Bynes to fill the void.