Dallas Cowboys Should be More Concerned About Tony Romo's Health

By Jeremy Martin
Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys continue to reiterate that they are not worried about Tony Romo’s health. The Cowboys say that Romo, who had back surgery in December, is doing well and should be ready to take part in the offseason program which will be starting on Apr. 21. The Cowboys organization does not seem to be concerned, but I believe they should be.

Contrary to what many Cowboys fans will tell you, Romo has been an above average QB throughout his career. He has put up numbers that would earn most QBs the respect of most NFL fans instead of the hate that Romo routinely receives. The truth is that a healthy Romo at QB is the only chance the Cowboys have of having a successful 2014 season. The question is, will he be healthy?

Romo will be 34 in April and he is coming off his second back surgery in less than a year. After last year’s surgery, Jerry Jones told everyone that it was no big deal, and he compared it to fixing a toothache. Jerry said Romo would be ready for the start of mini-camp—but he was not ready. While Romo was ready for the start of training camp and played well in the regular season, I would argue that he was not the same.

Romo’s two biggest assets are his ability to make plays on the run and his ability to throw the deep ball. On several occasions last season, Romo had the opportunity to pick up a first down with his feet but passed on the chance. He never looked comfortable running. Romo also did not throw the deep ball nearly as much last season. Instead, he opted to check down to the RB or Jason Witten.

Now Romo, a year older, will try to rehab for a second straight offseason. Maybe the Cowboys are right and the advancements in modern medicine will help Romo bounce back without an issue. For Dallas’ sake, they better hope they are right because the 2014 season will be a disaster if they are wrong.

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